KINETIK CONTROL – Lack Of Divine Inspiration

KINETIK CONTROL - Lack Of Divine Inspiration
  • 7/10
    KINETIK CONTROL - Lack Of Divine Inspiration - 7/10


SAOL / H’Art
Release date: November 28, 2008

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Another sample from the non-metallic parallel universe which occasionally connects with our musical world and sheds a fragment of music for us to find, to enjoy or not. In this case, where the electric guitar is at least a guest at the banquet, although synthesizer is boss, we may happily indulge in a big case of mixed feelings from Finland. That the seven strings do not rule the world of Kinetik Control is obvious when one realizes that band leader and lead singer Tweak, who is the only guitar player in the band, does not stop there but also does programming.

Don’t be scared, it is not that bad – there is no drum computer but a drummer made from flesh and blood. And indeed, “Lack Of Divine Inspiration” is quite good, when one lets it sink in a bit. Singer Tweak has a very warm and nice voice and knows how to create a nice vocal melody line, and some tracks let you swing to the rhythm. “Walk Through Fire” and “Waves Of Redemption” will surely conquer the dance floor of many clubs in various countries, if we let these guys be known. Of course, afterwards there will be people asking the DJ’s to play “the new Depeche Mode song again”, because a certain similarity is undeniable.

But the best song is the opening track, “Vanguard Of The New World”. fast paced, and with guitar, the track pours a fantastic melody over the twitching, sweaty bodies on the dance floor and ends much too early after only two and a half minutes, inducing the urge to play it again immediately. The song entered the Finnish charts and was number one in the download charts. Not bad for a newcomer.

Then again, why not. the album is positively timeless. Although the title track and “No One Knows About Us” remind of the Eighties, still this mixture of Gothic Metal, Dark Wave, Pop and Hard Rock is very enjoyable, and it is all the same if it is an up-tempo part or slower as in “Lack Of Divine Inspiration”, “Silence The Serenade” or the melancholic and fittingly named “Grey”. Even the ballad “Who Does Not Want Freedom” is quite alright, although maybe appearing a bit early on the album.

Towards the end the band pays homage to one of their heroes by covering “What Is Love” from Haddaway. A nice Pop tune that does not get better here, but does not stand out in a negative way either. So here is what you can do: brush the dust from an old Depeche Mode album, try to find the Sisters Of Mercy CD you know you had somewhere, or buy a new good album somewhere along the same musical lines. Well, there is always time for something new, is there not?


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