DENIED – New Army For The Old Revolution

DENIED - New Army For The Old Revolution
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    DENIED - New Army For The Old Revolution - 8/10


Release date: November 10, 2008

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If you long for some Swedish Metal that is not merely Melodic Death or Glam Metal (face it, they specialize mostly on these sub-genres), Denied will heed your call. This Swedish group from the upland rocks of Väsby, since 2003, has been charging the Heavy Metal scene with deep influences that range from latter day Judas Priest, Pantera, Fight, and through the late-era of Anthrax. In general, you will bear witness to a partly melodic modern, full of grooves, Heavy Metal with small modern Thrash Metal reminders. New Army For The Old Revolution is the band’s second attempt at creating a fistful of Heavy Metal armed with an awesome production after long recording sessions that lasted for almost 3 years – a true effort worth making.

Unlike modern Heavy Metal groups such as their country folks, Dream Evil, Denied’s music and lyricism have darker edges and they do not mix too much lore into their material. Their poetics are harsh, criticizing, and even in various tracks, offensive like “3 Degrees,” “Slave Not Man,” and “Red Threat.” As far as their music goes, it is the same story altogether. Most of the compositions are slow tempo with rare fast beats. The tempo factor helps on providing heaviness to the main riffs and maintaining the clear messages of the lyrics. Regarding melodies, there are sections that you can recognize as melodic, however, they are rarely there. “Lazarus” is maybe the only good example of a song where you can really feel harmonized guitars. Most of the other songs are like an attack of slow-moving tanks; pounding and slicing paths through your ears – not that it is a bad thing or you would mind in any way. The only true melodic verses are the solos, which are performed with great skill, intensity, and show off some markers to a better traditional period. In addition to the instruments, there is a somewhat angry, yet melodic, vocal line, which offers a mix between Dickinson and Hetfield. Sadly, Yiri, the guy behind the vocals who also served as the band’s front man in the debut, left the band shortly after the album’s release. But, don’t worry, he was replaced by a friend of the band, Johan Fahlberg from the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band Jaded Heart. So probably, the vocals in the next release will be even more melodic – now you have something new to expect from Denied and their new guy.

Highlights from this one: “The Black Room” – A Heavy / Thrash blowout with a melodic chorus. “3 Degrees” – Starts and pushes with the same riff as Fight’s “Reality: A New Beginning,” this “beginning” is a total rip off, yet the rest of the song is meaningful lyrically. “Slave Not Man” – A mid tempo of violence with angry words against society – expect to get some major kicks. “Lesser Son” – Goes back to the slow stuff, yet heavy, of the band – the chorus does most of the work. “Lazarus” – Maybe the magician or another dark figure; here it is a Doom / Heavy Metal song with great vocals and guitar line. “Crossdraft” – An army march through the fields, so expect is to be slow, however, take notice to the lyrics and catchy chorus.

Denied’s efforts in this Dark Heavy Metal album are commendable, yet they can deliver even greater stuff that can be even more melodic than the image they present themselves, which is as a Melodic Heavy Metal group. However, the darkness that engulfs their material makes them an even more interesting act. If you desire to hear more of them, take a peak a their Web site and you will find plenty of their older stuff.


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