STEVE CONE – Crazy Ei8hts

STEVE CONE - Crazy Ei8hts
  • 7.5/10
    STEVE CONE - Crazy Ei8hts - 7.5/10


Dilligaf Entertainment
Release date: November 1, 2008

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Crazy Ei8hts is the 2008 release from Steve Cone, marking his 13th release in 10 years. Crazy Ei8hts however does not consist of all newly written material, though recently rerecorded; a good portion is lifted from Cone’s soundtrack for the Get Thrashed documentary, which is only fitting since said documentary has received praises and recognition worldwide. Furthermore, the CD also features a few tracks from Cone’s 2003 Now Generation release that was shelved. A major difference in philosophy between the song writing for the two projects at hand is not immediately apparent; one knows what one gets from Cone. If anything, Crazy Ei8hts sees Cone delving even further down the primal essence of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal; this is as guitar oriented as possible and unashamedly Old School in approach. Apart from Erik Fehrenbach again taking care of the skin beating, it’s all Steve Cone at his own work like on the last releases.

Though composed for the documentary and possibly Steve Cone at his most heavy duty yet, tracks 1-6 could not be dubbed Thrash Metal, even though it’s still certainly a question of high octane music, and the slammin’ “High Roller” may envision a moshing scene all the same. Maybe because of mentioned factors, Crazy Ei8hts as a whole release does not seem quite as varied when compared to the man’s last couple of releases, but with the confident attack of these tracks, this doesn’t strike as anything negative. “Face It” stands out as the slightly peculiar one of these first six tracks, with its slide delivery.

The last four tracks, taken from Now Generation, lands slightly closer from a musical standpoint to the 2006 Distortion release and features two instrumentals amongst it’s ranks, including “The Rush” that brings to mind early Motörhead in it’s jammy loose-liness.

Crazy Ei8hts further cements Cone’s ability to provide the listener straight forward, Hard Rock-induced Metal.  Classic style guitar mannerism performed with warm conviction, witnessing of days gone by, that has since more and more been replaced by staccato rhythms or grandiose musical concepts. Thus, Steve Cone’s songs serve its purpose, in all its stripped-down glory. This is all about guitars driven by playful energy and yet, very song oriented.


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