BLACK SUCCUBI – Black Succubi

BLACK SUCCUBI - Black Succubi
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    BLACK SUCCUBI - Black Succubi - 7/10


Two Side Moon
Release date: October 21, 2008

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Black Succubi is a Copenhagen based Scandinavian band with members who formally played in Ironfire, Sons of Sorrow, Pitchblack, Fate, Crafted and Symbolic. As some of you myth lovers may know, a Succubus or Succubi is a female demon who makes love to sleeping men. The men are so drained of their stamina that they never wake up. The reason the band took the name Black Succubi was that Thomas Pederson and De Stefano both played black Les Pauls and liked the Succubi myth.

Black Succubi’s self titled album shows that the members aren’t out to sound like the stereotypical Metal band. When you hear the name you think of some dark, demonic music, however it’s the opposite. This band is more melodic and has much more clean vocals.

In their album, Black Succubi, there are some truly badass solos, marvelous dances between clean guitar to profound distortion, pinch harmonics, innate drums, strong bass, powerful vocals and they all intertwine together to create such an amazing Metal masterpiece.

The first five tracks, “Troubled Times”, “Dark Side”, “Into Oblivion”, “Blood and Flames”, and “You Can’t Run Away” have those solos that will have you on your knees in seconds. “Psychotic Meltdown” starts off a bit cleaner with light guitar and drums then goes into the pinch harmonics. With Jan’s voice dancing with these instruments it creates sort of a spellbinding waltz. Track seven, “Feel It Coming” has all the Black Succubi characteristics; distortion, solos, rhythmic drums, harmonics, powerful vocals and even has some Egyptian style guitar parts. Track eight and nine, “Cry for Your Brother” and “Slave”, are just awesome. As soon as you hear them you think of a live show and how amazing they’d be live. “Time to Get Even” is the last song on this album. With it’s sing-along style laced in with the familiar sound of Black Succubi it really closes the album nicely.

If you like that melodic, solo filled, power voice Metal, it’s highly suggested that you check these guys out!

Jan Lundstrom-vocals
Thomas Pederson-guitars, growl
Jens B-drums
Jesper Brogaard-bass, baking vocals
Michael Larsen-guitars, baking vocals


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