JACK FOSTER III – Jazzraptor’s Secret

JACK FOSTER III - Jazzraptor's Secret
  • 8.5/10
    JACK FOSTER III - Jazzraptor's Secret - 8.5/10


Progrock Records
Release date: October 20, 2008

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Jazzraptor’s Secret is the fourth record by American musician Jack Foster III. This is indeed an interesting record featuring very atmospheric Progressive Rock with elements from Jazz. You’re taken in all the way from the beginning of the 0.40 second long title track, which appears to be the intro to, “The Corner.” “The Corner” is a fantastic tune opening with some very complex rhythms with individual melodies in both guitar/bass and keyboards. As the vocals enter the song turns into a very laid back Jazz-like mood with acoustic guitars. It keeps developing all the way through.

Second song from the record is dominated by acoustic guitars backed up by drums and other various rhythm instruments, such as a tambourine and eggs. In the background you’ll hear the soothing keyboards that gives the tune a very complete sound. It’s a very drifting mood upon the song, much due to the very open chords and the truly atmospheric keyboard. Jack’s voice is very enjoyable, at times he sounds a little like Bono from U2. He shows his register, both high and low. He does also improve him self as a great guitar player as well and on this song he plays a wonderful solo on his acoustic guitar.

Fourth song is a very varied song, changing tempos all the time. It’s energetic and intense as well as moody and sensitive. Musically, it’s a very interesting in chord progression, especially during the acoustic guitar solo. The vocal harmonies are very special, creating cool harmonies and chords.

Sixth song to head out from the album is another laid back tune with interesting vocal arrangements and Latino-like rhythms in the beginning. It has some very moody keyboards, which gives the song a little extra.

“God And War” starts out almost like a choral from the 17th century. However, it takes another direction after a few seconds and becomes something rather different from J.S Bach’s vocal pieces.

Jazzraptor’s Secret is a very laid back album, drifting upon the atmospheric melodies, interesting rhythms and chord progressions. Progrock Records delivers yet another great album, and Jazzraptor’s Secret is definitely among the best releases from the label so far this year. It’s absolutely recommended!


  1. Jazzraptor’s Secret (0:39)
  2. The Corner (5:28)
  3. To Have And To Hold (4:37)
  4. Outbreak Monkey (6:17)
  5. Dreaming Not Sleeping (4:33)
  6. Mandelbrot World (9:07)
  7. God And War (8:00)
  8. The New American (7:21)
  9. Inspiration (3:51)
  10. Sometimes When You Win (6:21)

Songs performed by

Jack Foster III – vocals & guitars
Trent Gardner – keys & vocals
Robert Berry – bass, drums, keys & vocals

(Trent does not perform on “The Corner” nor on “Outbreak Monkey.”)

Additional musicians:

Greg Sudmeier – drums on Outbreak Monkey
Darcy Andersohn – background vocals on The Corner

Recorded at Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California by Robert Berry
Mastered by Chris Brown at Stuffy Room Studio
Cover Art by Mattias Noren
CD design and layout by Thomas Ewerhard
Produced by Trent Gardner and Robert Berry


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