at Gildecenter Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, October 18, 2008

Heilbronn’s finest, Lanfear, organized a CD release party in their home town to commemorate their fifth album which came out just the day before. Since the album X To The Power Of Ten is the best in their discography to date, MER could not resist to pay them a visit and enjoy the new songs live on stage.

At shortly after 9 p.m. supporting act The Past Alive started their show. Metallica Riffs, groovy tunes and speed attacks excite the fans, and when they start a Eurythmics cover version of the 80s smash hit “Sweet Dreams” everybody was singing. While it is obvious that this song is anything but Metal and this version barely fits to the hard sounds the band pairs it with, it still is a good choice as everybody knows it and it definitely breaks the ice for The Past Alive. The songs that follow in their almost 60 minute gig manage to maintain the energy and the enthusiasm within the crowd, especially as the band chose to put their more catchy and sing-along songs at the end of the show. A band to watch out for!

L But the main thing that night was Lanfear. The new singer Nuno was responsible for some more variety in singing on the new album, and it was nice to see that he also managed to deliver the goods live. A year earlier at the Against The Silence-Festival (see here) he was uncomfortable with several older songs, but then again he had a cold and still managed to do quite well. But this night he was absolutely on top of things. Everybody in the room, and that is what this small club is comparable to, as it was quite full with about 120 to 150 people in the audience, was infected by the sheer fun the band had playing. During the show which was a nice trip through the complete history of the band with a new singer, who was not afraid to sing the old stuff. Something which many of the big bands and frontmen seem to be as they leave out important parts of their recording history once a change in singers occurs, much to the disappointment of their fans. The band showed an incredible enthusiasm on stage, just as if the pressure finally fell off them now that their new album is out and receives great marks everywhere.

L The interaction between the musicians was constant cause for amusement as Nuno made fun of and with everybody, including the fans… teaching them how to sing along with a written sign at the end of the show. But with this he just matches the humour of the band. Here is an example: When asked about the short keyboard-only instrumental on X To The Power Of Ten guitarist Ulle said: “Well, we think we will use that as the basis for tonight’s set and play it between the songs. Every time.”

The setlist contained several surprises. First of all, the band did not play the new album in full. That may seem surprising, but then again it is just a sign of how comfortable Nuno is with the older material. One of the early surprises was a cover version of Virgin Steele’s “I Will Come For You”, later songs not played for a long time were a delight for the Lanfear crowd: “Zero Poems”, “My Karma Told Me” and “Enlil/Genesis” from their second album with the same name, were some unexpected, but very pleasant differences to normal gigs. Even “Time’s Dark Laughter” from their rare debut The Towers was played and made a great ending for an even greater show that was fun for everyone in front of the stage, and on it.

L If there was any criticism it was that they still left out several of their fan’s favorites, especially the title track of their last, but one album “Another Golden Rage”. But Lanfear reached the point where they cannot play all fans’ favorites anymore, so everyone can be sure to hear that one (and “Heresy”) on their next tour, but this time the occasion called for a more extravagant choice.


Enter Dystopia
The Question Keeper
The Unrestrained
The Art Of Being Alone
I Will Come For You (Virgin Steele cover version)
My Will Be Done
Brave New Men
Shades Of Black
My Karma Told Me
Fortune Lies Within
Zero Poems
Time’s Dark Laughter



  • Frank Jaeger

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