DRIVER – Sons Of Thunder

DRIVER - Sons Of Thunder
  • 8/10
    DRIVER - Sons Of Thunder - 8/10


Metal Heaven
Release date: September 26, 2008

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At long last, Driver arrives with a full-length. It has been some twenty years after their initial formation, but the old saying “it’s never too long a wait” is actually true in this case. Vocalist Rob Rock and guitarist/songwriter/producer Roy Z have, since this band’s first days, made names for themselves, so this is certainly something of a homecoming and returning to their roots for them. Obviously Driver isn’t their only joint work as Roy Z has produced three of Rob Rock’s four solo CD’s to date.

Even for the uninitiated, chances are some of these songs have been heard before for any enthusiast of the gent’s whereabouts since; “Change of Heart” was reworked on Bruce Dickinson’s Balls to Picasso, the first album of his that Roy Z had a hand in writing. While it’s somewhat disappointing to find out that the arguably best track on said album was actually an old Driver track, the Air Raid Siren gave a heartfelt performance on the tune. Of course, Rock’s no slouch either and this version features some slight musical differences and other lyrics, but the melodic base of the song is basically the same. “I’m a Warrior” was recorded for Impellitteri and resurfaced again on Rock’s critically acclaimed Holy Hell opus. Neither versions differ much; this one’s got some more keyboards filling in on the verses.

Certainly, with this talent, the great stuff on offer doesn’t stop there. The material walks a fine line of demonstrating the classic anthemic Melodic Metal that has showcased Rock’s solo works, such as the title track, and at other times with AOR-tinged Hard Rock heard in “Never Give Up”. Due to the old material being re-recorded, the new songs produced under the same sonic roof make the album work as a cohesive and yet quite broad entity. Or how about “Dark World”, featuring Roy Z’s immense sense of arrangements. The funky toned while still heavy “Tears That I Cry” offers stomping catchiness. Add to that the guitar grinding “Wind of March” and “Heart’s on Fire” which is a groovier track altogether. “Fly Away” has that more modern Epic feel that was prevalent on much of Rock’s Eyes of Eternity release, thus differing on much of where the rest of the album is concerned. “Only Love Can Save Me Now” is classic Hard Rock balladry with acoustic undertones whilst ending track “I Believe in Love” starts off reminiscent of the Aerosmith classic “Dream On”.

Really, pretty much anything for the Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock fan is covered here. An appetizing dish, there to enjoy after every consuming, who knows if the Metal world will ever be treated to Driver taking on another ride. As it stands, Sons of Thunder alone shows the legacy of these combined talents efficiently.


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