PREY FOR NOTHING – Violence Divine

PREY FOR NOTHING - Violence Divine
  • 8.5/10
    PREY FOR NOTHING - Violence Divine - 8.5/10


Rusty Cage Records
Release date: September 15, 2008

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From the hot and sticky Middle East, Israel breaks out Prey For Nothing with a debut album. The band was formed in 2005 from the ashes of a Power Metal band named Damnation. The band’s mixing of influences in Metal is the main reason for it being a unique feature. Their music is very influenced from the works of the late Chuck Schuldiner’s Death with technical and Progressive Death Metal. Along with tech Death Metal, the band brings out Power Metal riffs à la Children Of Bodom and a variety of modern Thrash Metal heavy blood pumpers. After a period of recording time in Hansen Studios, Denmark their debut album Violence Divine , which was produced by Jacob Hansen, charged off from its womb to the Metal World.

This release presents energetic and well crafted material with high levels of ability by all the members of the band. The production is flawless with no margin for error or any problems what so ever. The music, on most tracks, pays a special tribute to one of the creators of technical Death Metal, Chuck Schuldiner. Best examples are tracks like “Cowardice”, “The Maw” and “Dead Man’s Dream”, which presents pure technicality of the late Death era of albums like Symbolic and Individual Thought Patterns. In addition almost all of the tracks are infused with Children Of Bodom’s power riffs with attacking speed. The band also recorded two impressive instrumentals. The most interesting one is “Summoning Sickness” which starts off with a piano verse and continues with a captivating magical atmosphere. The Thrash Metal elements on the album can be noticed in any track, except the instrumentals. Those elements continue the slow paced rise of Modern Thrash Metal.

Some factors of the music that should be recognized on Violence Divine: The vocalist, Yotam “Defiler” Avni’s ability reveals a well talented growler. His growls recall the high pitched growls of Chuck Schuldiner on Death’s Sound Of Perseverance , some of Children Of Bodom’s leader , Alexi Lahio and In Flames’s vocalist Anders Friden. Besides the high pitched growls, Defiler also barks off some brutal low growls that resembles a bit of Cryptopsy and bands from the same circle of Brutal Death Metal. This merger, of high and low vocals, adds more power to the music. The twin axes, Eyal Glottman and Yaniv Aboudi, are both veteran guitarists. On the album they mixed Death’s signature sounds with some great and technical Power / Thrash metal riffs. The solos presented on some tracks, are very interesting and supplied by an uplifting boost. The bass work by Amir Salomon, who is also a veteran player, provides a good peak on Steve D’iGiorgio’s bass riffs and scales from a decade ago… fine example, the beginning of the track “Overture Of Dust”. The drummer, Iftah Levi, lashes out some good, kick in the teeth, double bass speed and a handful of pace changes. This formation is what Violence Divine is all about.

Generally, the tracks on Violence Divine are quite good with Death’s influence all around, but not all of them are “ground breaking” and so special, as some standouts here that deserve more attention. “The Maw” is one of the best tracks of the album and should have been the opener. This one explodes with ramming speed and shows no mercy with high long growl that add power to the rhythm. “Cowardice”, the opener, another fine track of the album shows the Symbolic era of Death, a true banger for all Death fans with amazing solos and a killing rhythm. “Dead Man’s Dream” is a solid track, not as interesting, but has, in the middle of it, a breaking Thrash Metal Rhythm followed by a cracking solo. “Bestowed Upon The Void” is another solid track with some nice melodic riffs and a couple of fair solos and, near the end, has a part that resembles one of the Danish Mercenary’s songs. The most important to be mentioned is the track “Violence Divine”, that is a level up from other tracks on the album. It has, like the others, Death’s influence and a good melodic solo with a lot of harmony. But, the main issue of this track is its importance. It talks about the threat and the suffering that is brought down on the Israeli people from terrorist acts for over more than 20 years and, sadly, keeps on coming.

Prey For Nothing, with their new release, joins the growing family of bands that continues Chuck Schuldiner’s works. For example, bands like the German group, The Unchallenged and Decadence. Aside from the fact that Prey For Nothing are one of Death’s revival acts, they help the development of the small Israeli Metal scene , that keeps trying to send bands abroad to break out and to emphasize that Israel is and will be a Metal country. Expect more wonders out of this group, because this is only the beginning.


Yotam “Defiler” Avni – Vocals
Yaniv Aboudi – Guitar
Amir Salomon – Bass
Iftah Levy – Drums
Eyal Glottman – Guitar


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