RUSTY COOLEY – Rusty Cooley [Remastered]

RUSTY COOLEY - Rusty Cooley [Remastered]
  • 9.5/10
    RUSTY COOLEY - Rusty Cooley [Remastered] - 9.5/10


Lion Music
Release date: September 12, 2008

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Having unveiled his debut solo album in 2003, some 17 years after the Shrapnel hey-days of such greats as Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore, he might not have immediately gotten just recognition. Becoming a frequent columnist in numerous guitar magazines worldwide just added to his rise in popularity to which he is now fans’ favorite on thousands of guitar websites and forums online. His technique doesn’t only transcend six-string guitars either, but also seven and eight stringers! Rusty has also gained recognition from such peers as John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) who have made documented statements on Rusty’s ability.

Now Lion Music is rereleasing Rusty’s 2003 debut solo album with a remixed and remastered sound, bonus tracks, new artwork and the added extra of a bonus DVD featuring a guitar lesson from Rusty, a promo video for the track “Under The Influence” as well as tablature to allow fans the chance to master Rusty’s technique.

Speaking of the track “Under The Influence” it is the album opener and a fine one it is indeed as it sets a dominant tone for what the rest of the album brings to the table! The track starts off with one hell of a melodic and heavy riff and bursts into a great sounding guitar accompaniment line jumping straight into the shredding. It’s a nearly seven minute long opus that only suffers slightly by the tempo change three quarters of the way through… otherwise a brilliant opening! This high speed Shredfest doesn’t stop there either as the adrenaline rush continues into tracks “The Butcher” and even the, initially, mild-mannered “Dark Matter” which bursts into a high speed shred chase in the latter half of the track.

Rusty’s once Outworld band mate, Bobby Williamson, adds color via the keyboards and Rusty spared no expense by trying to handle the bass himself but instead employed Brent Marches, while concentrating on guitar and programming. No drummer is listed on the credits but that shouldn’t deter from enjoying this release as the programming contained within sounds realistic enough while perhaps sounding slightly rigid.

There really is no other way to say this other than this CD is chock full of fast, succinct shredding that should bring a huge smile to any guitar aficionado even five years after its original release. This is the kind of guitar instrumental music one plays loud with their car windows rolled down. Gone are the two vocal tracks that were on the 2003 release but even so the remaining ten tracks re-presented here shine without missing a heartbeat. This CD does bring to mind the question of whether a full-fledged band structure like Outworld really does Cooley justice or just holds him back.

Bottom line, this bonus packed re-release is a must own for any fans of Shred Guitar and is an excellent starting point for guitar fanatics that wish to get a taste of the Rusty Cooley experience. While Metal Express Radio wasn’t made privy to the DVD this one still comes with a high must buy recommendation! Hopefully, this re-release is a warm-up for a new Cooley instrumental outing in 2009? Shred fans can only hope!


Rusty Cooley – Seven String Guitar, Programming
Bobby Williamson – Keyboards, Programming
Brent Marches – Bass


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