IMMORTAL DIVINATION – From The Abyssmal Depths

IMMORTAL DIVINATION - From The Abyssmal Depths
  • 4.5/10
    IMMORTAL DIVINATION - From The Abyssmal Depths - 4.5/10


Self Release
Release date: 2008

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Savagery, execution, clash of swords and abysmal depth that is what the US band from Seattle, Immortal Divination, is all about and they are out for blood.

The group practices the sub genre of “Grindcore” along with touches of “Brutal Death Metal” a’la Cannibal Corpse. Emerging in 2005, the band, lead by guitarist Micah Swift, released in 2006 their first demo, Crowned by Spikes and not long ago arose with a new EP which will be the focus of this review, From The Abyssmal Depths.

Musically, this release, by its quality, reminds one of the first wave of Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal in the early years of the 1990’s when the extreme Metal scene had taken a more technical and brutal approach. The music is pretty straight forward and has a knack as a skull breaker with fast tremolo guitars, heavy and low deep growls and high pitched screams and, of course, unmerciful drumming with grinds and an up tempo pace. Although the band meant well in this piece, there are some problems with it.

First, the production of this EP is of poor quality that can be noticed on the mastering section, mainly. The drums in the first two tracks are, not intentionally, ruining them. Both of them start with fast paced grinds that continue on and on in these two songs. The grinds, with their high volume, are practically shadowing the other instruments, including the vocals. On the other two tracks, the situation is partly resolved.

Second, the band has a hard time keeping the same pace. On the first two tracks there are some parts where the drums are not synchronized with the music in the same manner and lose the pace in a fraction of a second. That means a lot when listening to the song closely. It can be inferred from this problem that the drummer hadn’t worked closely with a metronome while recording those two.

The last two tracks of the EP help reveal some interesting works by the crew. The vocalist, Orion Swift, along with Micah Swift which shares the role, show skill with high and low deep growls. On the self titled track they answer each other on the chorus, something that is not that common in this sub-genre when in regards to two vocalists. Swift’s and Joo’s guitar works are good but mainly present banal riffs of the sub-genre. On the track “Execution” Swift presents some fine solo works. Bass player, Dustin Perry, is barely noticeable on the recording and drummer, Sy, has some fine moments on the last two tracks.

Overall, the songs on From The Abyssmal Depths are a fair attempt that need to be really expressed in a higher quality recording. Although the songs have various unexpected parts, which is a good thing, they still lack enough to show interest in them. “Execution” and the self titled track, especially “Execution”, save this release from being a total downfall but still lack various elements that can truly capture the listener.

Immortal Divination, should record these songs in a higher form of recording because they have what is takes to be a good Grindcore band. The extreme scene of the Metal world can be proud of having a high potential group like them and honor them with a crown of spikes.


Micah Swift – Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Sy – Drums
David “Joo” Wright – Guitar
Dustin Perry – Bass
Orion Swift – Vocals


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