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Release date: 2008

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From Nancy – Toul, Lorraine, France, here comes The Turbomen trio. This trio represents the late 70s and 80s Hard Rock mixed with Heavy and Stoner Metal along with some southern American Blues elements. They can be compared to bands like Motorhead and the Brian Johnson era of AC/DC. In 2006 they made their debut with a first album by the name of Hot Road which was self released. After touring with bands like American Dog and Crucified Barbara, the French trio is back with their second self release, Rock ‘N Ride.

Overall, Rock ‘N Ride, is a well written Hard Rocker that takes the listener back to the good old days of the 70s and early 80s. The production, which was handled by the band, also proves that, by renewing the old vintage sound. The only problem with it is a small mastering issue. The drums are a bit more behind in the mix than usual and also the snare sounds artificial on most of the tracks.

Except from the snare sound, the drummer, David, does a pretty good job with an impressive ability. The strongest link in this production and in the trio is the guitar player, Lilian. His sound is crunchy with a cutting edge more like Motorhead and AC/DC. Lilian shows a versatile ability both in rhythm works and solos. This man, largely, keeps the band running and the music interesting and nostalgic. The weakest link of this trio, and a small issue on the album, is the vocalist and bass player, Dan. From what is inferred from this release the man has a very good, Lemmy and Johnson, raspy and interesting voice. He does a great Brian Johnson tribute on the track “Got Rock N’ Roll”. But, his problem starts with mixing his singing, unintentionally of course, with a heavy French accent. In “Got Rock N’ Roll” he masked it pretty well but in other songs, he has a hard time letting it go. The accent issue keeps him a bit at a disadvantage. Another matter in the vocals area is the incoherency. In some tracks the man is barely understandable and keeps the listener somewhat in the dark. Prime examples are tracks like: “Eindhoven Werewolves” and “Psycho Riders”. Maybe those are the “Stoner elements”?

Regardless of the technical issues the French Hard Rockers show some awesome tracks of good time and praise for the old days. Tracks like the opener, “Jesus Rides A Harley”. This track is Dan’s best work on vocals. It really brings back leather and bikes which makes it the best of the album. “Rodeo Girl” keeps up the pace with a mid- tempo, “Motorheadish”, catchy Hard Rocker. “Got Rock N’ Roll” is an AC/DC tribute song which is performed with excellence. “State of Indians”, the longest track, mixes Hard Rock with fine tunes of Blues. It’s a really interesting song which gives insight about the North American Indians. “The Four Horsewomen” starts off with a pounding Heavy Metal rhythm but gets a bit boring in the middle. “Ohio Dogs” and “Rebel In Peace” are solid tracks.

The Turbomen are like many other bands that keeps the blood of the 70s and 80s pumping. Rock ‘N Ride is a pretty solid release that reflects Rock N’ Roll and the longing for a good time. This release is another piece of history’s revival. A History that is truly missed.


Dan – Vocals / Bass
Lilian – Guitars
David – Drums


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