EDEN SANDS – Living Kills

EDEN SANDS - Living Kills
  • 7.5/10
    EDEN SANDS - Living Kills - 7.5/10


Release date: September 5, 2008

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Arising from the crypt of Power/Melodic Metal with influences anywhere from Edguy and Malmsteen to Skid Row come the French band Eden Sands. They were formed in 2006 so they’re relatively new. If you enjoy the chiming sounds of speedy guitar and Heavy Melodic Rock then Eden Sands may just be your cup of tea. Living Kills is their first album, and it’s pretty impressive for such a new band.

The first track “Path of Life” really shows vocalist Stefan Tudela’s powerful voice range. This song has such fast guitars, in a way which remind almost of Dragonforce. This track intertwines speedy guitar, breakneck drums, and a flush bass. Overall it’s a very high-speed track.

Next up is “Golden Fangs Hungry Dogs”. While not as fast as the first song the band makes up for it by eighties’ screams to low growling vocals, muted to squealing guitars and piercing drums. This track has some bad ass METAL guitar solos that’ll have you air-guitaring it in no time. All Metal fans wish they could play guitar like that; it’s magnificent!

“Scream” starts out very mellow with clean guitars, no drums and no bass. Then suddenly, there’s distorted guitars and that amazing Metal voice of Tudela. This track is sort of like a chill Metal song with a frenetic twist. While Tudela sings there’s also a screamer in the background who almost dances along with the drums at parts and at times sings along with Tudela. Again, Eden Sands doesn’t let us depart the song without a few Metallic solos.

So far Eden Sands has given us doses of speedy guitar, screams, growls, frantic drums, so why not a female vocalist? In “You’ll Sink” Stefan sings along with the powerful voice of a woman. It’s uncertain who she is because she’s not mentioned on the album, but she should be! Her voice isn’t all air, like Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation, but is instead powerful and passionate. This track is like a Metal duet.

Entering with an “Ooooo Yeah” is “Run”. This track is one you’ll tap your foot to and sing along with, but not quite Mosh material. Hopefully that’s exactly what Eden Sands were going for. “Mother” follows this track. You can just feel this song, you can feel how awesome it’d be live. The palm muted guitars and solos, foot stomping drums, strong vocals and speedy bass all intermix with each other creating a great track.

“From Dark to Light” enters with acoustic guitar and strong, yet smooth, vocals showing the diversity of Eden Sands’ talent. Every Metal band has their fare share of sing along acoustic songs, and Eden Sands’ isn’t half bad.

“Last Will” is the total opposite of “From Dark to Light”. With those powerful vocal chords and instruments it’s a classic Eden Sands song. “Taste of Hope” has such an awesome introduction! They use what sounds like a flange reverb (for all you guitar players), and you never hear that nowadays. Mainly because it’s such a hard thing to pull off, but Eden Sands play it like it’s nothing more than a simple “G chord”. This track is a great one to close off the album. It’s got all the characteristics of Power/Melodic Metal and Hard Rock.

P.S Listen to the VERY end of the last track, you will laugh your ass off.

If you’re into the Power Metal scene it’s suggested that you look into these guys. They seem perfect for a slot in ProgPower and that’s saying a lot.


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