Interview with Mario (Exmortus)

Exmortus have just released In Hatred’s Flame and MER took the chance to get some inside info for this rising band shooting some questions to Mario who is sitting behind the drum-kit.

Hails from Metal Express Radio and congratulations on your debut album. Please take some time and introduce the band to our readers; what does Exmortus mean?

Thanks a lot dude! We actually got the name from The Evil Dead movie. The Necronomicon Exmortus, which means book of the dead but our definition is kind of a play on words. Ex (means without) and Mortus (means death) so we’re like “those without death”. We were really into the evil dead trilogy and it sounded evil as fuck so we kept it haha.

The album has been released for some days. What is the feedback so far? Are you satisfied?

Well, I don’t think we’re ever gonna be satisfied but we’re definitely appreciative for all the positive feedback we’ve been getting, so far its been really good.

What was your composing process In Hatred’s Flame? Did all the band members contribute to songwriting?

A majority of the music is written by Conan but in the long run its a whole band contribution, I don’t think Exmortus would be Exmortus without everyone’s 2 cents. Same thing with the lyrics, when it comes to that its mostly a whole band thing. We get together and just write.

The guitar work is really amazing; how did you decide to mix complex guitar riffs to neck snapping Death Metal?

Me and my cousin (Conan) are the only original members, we both grew up on like old school Rock ‘n’ Roll and Heavy Metal. As time went by we both got into different genres of music, he leaned more into the Power/Virtuoso stuff and I leaned more into Death Metal. So when we started the band those influences really stuck out. We incorporate other styles of metal like Black and Thrash but i don’t think it stands out as much.

Where does the album stand lyrically and how important are the lyrics for you?

A majority of our songs are war based, very Manowar-ish. There is really no hidden message behind the songs, everything’s pretty straight forward for the most part. The lyrics are VERY important, lyrics often determine whether a song is gonna be Epic or very un-epic, ha. Writing lyrics for this CD was pretty tough though, because we had kind of an out with our previous singer and re-wrote everything. I think it came out fine though.

Actually, In Hatred’s Flame is being re-released through Heavy Artillery; what are the differences from the original version? Did you re-record the original songs?

There’s a slight difference in the actual quality of the songs. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to re-record the whole thing because we wanted to release something in the summer to back it up with a tour. The main differences are the 4 new tracks and the bad ass layout we finally got to do.

Did all the songs you write, make it in the album? Are there any leftovers?

The only brand new song we wrote was “Fimbulwinter”. The other 3 were songs that were sitting there that we never officially released so we thought it would be perfect to thrown them on. We did have other new songs in the writing process but because of the constraint we didn’t have time to finish them and we didn’t want to rush in there and half ass a song.

How did you contact Heavy Artillery?

From what I remember was that Heavy Artillery had added us on MySpace and left a comment, then us signing to them came about. I wanna say they approached us but they were definitely a label we had our eye on before we even came in contact with them. We saw the good things they were doing for Merciless Death and being another up and coming band it felt right signing with them.

What difficulties does a band have to face without a record deal and how difficult was it to get one?

It’s the opportunities. A label really opens a lot of doors for you and helps you get your name out there, whether it be funding your album and distributing it or getting you a booking agent. But being on a label is by faaarrrrr no walk in the park, if anything I think its a lot harder to be on a label then to be without one. There’s a lot of deadlines to meet and you have to stay on top of stuff. Getting on a label isn’t very hard, but getting on one that’s gonna put as much effort and dedication into your band as you do your music is tough. You gotta show potential and determination. Hard work is the key.

One thing that really stands out in your music is that there are many influences; from Schuldiner’s Death to Yngwie Malmsteen (especially in “Axes Of War”). Did you actually work on blending all this influences or it just happened in the studio?

Because we all listen and appreciate a variety of Metal bands and genres when we hit the drawing board (writing songs) we blend in a lot of our influences and because of that our music tends to automatically blend itself. I don’t think we sat there and said “lets make this sound like Yngwie joined a technical Death Metal band” (although that’s a perfect way to explain our sound, haha) but we try to stay away from sticking to one genre or style. So to answer your question… we do work on blending in different styles but a majority of it just happens.

The album will be also released on vinyl; can you give us more details on this? Will it be a special or a limited edition? Will it feature any bonus tracks?

I know its gonna have some bitching like gold lettering stuff. I don’t think we have any bonus track on there. We were originally gonna have the “Axes of War” tabs in there but there was a problem getting the file on there so i think it might come with a patch or something. I also believe it’s coming with this upload thing where you can download the album too. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a very limited item but its definitely not gonna be a mass produced kind of deal so get them while they last!!!

Despite the current trends with Metalcore in the US market there is a slow but steady rise on the Classic Thrash and Death Metal scene. Do you think that all these new bands can stand against the music trends?

Metal has been around for over 20 years now, and probably one of the biggest and strongest genres there is out there. Trends come and go but that Metal sound (whether it be Death, Thrash, Black, Power etc… Metal) will always dominate. I’m not trying to put any bands down or talk shit but once you’ve heard one breakdown you’ve heard them all. The Death and Thrash scene is on an unstoppable rise, it may slow down but it will never die out. GIVE ME METAL OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!

You have booked some live dates during August; what are the rest of your touring plans? Any thought of getting to Europe?

We have a few shows scattered around, unfortunately but fortunately (at the same time) out tour got postponed till mid September. Which is pretty good because the CD was released this past Tuesday so it gives us more time for the music to get out there a bit before we hit the road. All we have lined up is the U.S. right now but getting some dates in Europe would be AMAZZINNGG!! I doubt we’ll be going overseas this year though. the only thing with “sea” that we’ll be crossing is Seattle, haha.

What are the differences between the European and the US Metal markets?

I know I’m from the US but I hate the market down here, haha. It’s so trendy, it seems like everyone focuses on the one hit wonders. it’s more image than anything. In my opinion Europe is the heart of Metal and it will always be. Granted, I’ve never been to Europe so it’s kind of hard to compare but almost all of my favorite bands have came from there and talking to bands that have toured overseas I’ve heard the support and market there is amazing.

What are your personal goals with Exmortus?

Aside from trying to make bitching music I think we’d all love to play in Europe. Playing the Wacken open Air would be the shiiiiitt!!!! that’s probably our ultimate goal.

What is the next step for Exmortus?

Now that the CD is out we’re gonna try and tour our asses off. Get the name and the music out as much as we can. Hopefully start recording the new album at the beginning of next year.

Thank you for your time; feel free to add anything that was overlooked and not asked and please keep Thrashing!



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