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    CAVALERA CONSPIRACY - Inflikted - 8.5/10


Roadrunner Records
Release date: March 25, 2008

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Well it finally happened and it is absolutely true. Max and Igor have reunited after 12 years and have written and recorded new material. The Sepultura-Soulfly Death/Trash Metal connection is back with a vengeance. Hopefully they are here to stay because if you love your music to be hard and heavy, it doesn’t get much better than this. To keep it simple, just say that it will be worth the wait.

The new release, titled Inflikted will showcase 11 tracks. The band’s main players are Max Cavalera (vocals, rhythm guitar), Igor Cavalera (drums and percussion), Marc Rizzo (lead and rhythm guitar and additional vocals on “Sanctuary”), Joe Duplantier (bass, rhythm guitar and some additional vocals). Also featured are Richie Cavalera as guest vocalist on “Dark Ark,” and Rex Brown as guest bassist on “Ultra-Violent.”

The CD opens with the title track “Inflikted” and sets the bar right from the get go. Igor’s drumming is fierce and the cymbal work intense. Max’s vocals cut right through like a knife. The combination of one lead and two rhythm guitars are just too insane. The closing track “Must Kill” is a definite highlight on the CD. Igor shows off his double-bass drumming skill and prowess. The vocals, drums, bass, and the continuous lead and rhythm guitar combo in this track put your mind in a trance-like state. A very powerful track with an incredible amount of energy.

In between the opening and closing tracks are nine more songs that will excite and entertain the Metalhead masses. “Sanctuary” once again possesses powerful drumming. It also has some of Marc’s best lead guitar work added to the mix. “Terrorize,” while not a highlight is certainly heavy enough to hold its own. “Dark Ark” has Igor pounding out those double-bass runs he is known for once again. This is another Heavy track without doubt. “Ultra-Violent” is highlighted with Igor’s double-bass drumming and Rex Brown’s bass playing. Max does his best at sounding evil as hell. Marc’s lead guitar might be the fastest on this track. At one point, he makes his guitar sound as if it were a chime — a real nice addition that can’t be overlooked. “Hex” reminiscent of classic Anthrax has some phenomenal bass sound to it. “The Doom Of All Fires” has a strong steady beat and then just takes off like no tomorrow. “Bloodbrawl” has very strong guitar work and some interesting drumming by Igor on top of his usual “take no prisoners” styled attack. Max’s drag out screams of “Bloodbrawl” makes you cringe. The ending is not what you expect. “Nevertrust,” although Heavy enough to be included in the mix, just doesn’t compare to the rest. Lastly, “Hearts Of Darkness” picks up right where it should after the last track. Love the intricate guitar work and sound on this track not to mention its intensity.

The one thing somewhat annoying about this release is the fact that mostly every song has some sort of strange or ridiculous sounding opening or closing moments, even though short in length, just ruin or take away from the track somehow. It really isn’t necessary considering how good this CD is to begin with. Who knows what the guys were thinking when they were deciding to include these intro’s or outro’s? Except for one, maybe two slightly weaker songs than the remaining bunch, this release is pretty much solid. For most Metal fans this CD will rate 8-8.5/10. For diehard Cavalera/Sepultura/Soulfly fans it will probably be a strong 9/10.


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