Interview with Simone Fiorletta (Moonlight Comedy) 2008

Simone Fiorletta is the Italian guitarist extraordinaire for the band Moonlight Comedy. Back in July of 2007 Simone released his second solo album, My Secret Diary. He’s involved in several other musical projects as well. Metal Express Radio was able to catch some face time with Simone shortly after the Holidays. We’re honored to say that this has now become our third interview with this remarkable guitarist.

Metal Express Radio: Hello Simone! Thanks for taking the time to speak with Metal Express Radio and your fans.

Simone Fiorletta: Hi Scott, thanks to you and to all the readers who stay with us.

MER: Would you describe your music on My Secret Diary as being different from your first solo album Parallel Worlds?

Simone: There is some difference between the two works, difference due by my maturity, by a change of musical and life experiences… As you know, I like to compose playing my life, as I have done also with Parallel Worlds.

MER: So as promised when we last spoke, Andrea De Paoli (keyboards) sees a lot of opportunity on My Secret Diary. Why was this a goal?

Simone: I like Labyrinth (De Paoli’s band), since their origins I have been a big fan. To know De Paoli and to have the possibility to work with him is a great satisfaction so I cannot limit his abilities, do you understand?

MER: In some spots it’s hard for a casual ear to tell if it’s a keyboard lead or guitar lead. Do you perceive this as a compliment or a complaint?

Simone: Honestly, this is a thing I have never valued. Some of Andrea’s sound recalls an electric guitar; anyway I don’t see this as a problem.

MER: You use various sounds and spoken clips on this release like you are expanding yourself artistically and adding “color”. Was this a goal during the writing phase?

Simone: Would you believe me if I told you that all of it was never studied before? As I have said before, I play my life and everything surrounds me. Obviously we feel different emotions, we have different states of mind, we are surrounded by different people and all these colors may be found in my music.

MER: With so many added sounds and injecting some different styles into this release it would seem that it would require more organization then simply belting out a guitar lead with a bassist and drummer. Was this time around a little more overwhelming in that regard and did Andrea help manage any of it?

Simone: You may not believe me but the layout of My Secret Diary has been much more fluid and spontaneous than it would seem. I lived a period of my life a lot inspired by everything surrounding me and it has been very easy to write this secret diary. Of course, Andrea helped me with his ideas and his influences, but all was written by me initially.

MER: Would you agree with the statement that all the added “color” has made for a less “driving” release musically as compared to Parallel Worlds?

Simone: Sincerely I don’t love to compare my works because each one represents a period of my life to which I can be more or less tied but anyway it’s my background, do you understand?

MER: Tony Liotta is the drummer on this release. He’s best known for his work with a few “heavy hitter” Pop icons in Sting and Tina Turner. How did Tony get involved with the project and did he have any previous experience doing a guitar instrumental release such as yours?

Simone: After De Paoli, through Andrea I met Liotta and the rest of the future My Secret Diary line-up. Tony is a beautiful person with an exceptional character, we had immediately found a good feeling between us, so he didn’t hesitate for an instant when I asked him to play on my new album. If I am not wrong, Tony is present in many instrumental albums, but maybe not in guitar hero works.

MER: Looking at the credits it looks like a lot of the individual instrument tracks were recorded individually in separate studios. Did this pose a problem? Do you think it ruins any spontaneity?

Simone: The tracks and the arrangements have been all taken care before entering in a studio; the different recordings have not brought any problem. I followed personally all the recordings going to Germany while Tony was in the studio, then to Italy to follow the work of Pasko and De Paoli. Once I had all their tracks, I entered into the studio to record my guitars and carry on with the mixing.

MER: In our last interview with you and Andrea he had indicated that he had written two songs. Is that still true and if so which tracks did Andrea write?

Simone: “You Are My Past, Present, Future” was written by Andrea then I wrote my parts. “Good Bye” was always born by Andrea’s idea but then I completed the song so we can say that this song was written by both of us.

MER: Where does inspiration come from when writing tracks for a guitar instrumental? Typically, without lyrics fans can only see the “surface” based on the track’s title.

Simone: My life is my source of inspiration and I must also thank my girlfriend for this. Being an instrumental work, as you will have seen, I don’t use a lot of virtuosities above all if they damage the pure melody and the intent to communicate and to express myself without using words.

MER: Any plans to record an album which contains both your and Andrea’s name on cover, e.g. more of a joint effort?

Simone: I can give you some insight; currently I’m working on various projects, in particular one with Milan Polak, Andrea De Paoli and other special guests. This work won’t be released as Simone Fiorletta but I wont give it a band name.

MER: Now that you’ve recorded your second solo album did you learn anything new about writing, yourself, etc. and that you hadn’t learned from your Parallel Worlds sessions?

Simone: I always try to learn new things from everything and everybody. A new recording teaches me a lot of new things, a new song teaches me new things, walking on the road teaches me new things if I can transform everything in music… this is me.

MER: Any plans to record the next full-length solo album?

Simone: I don’t know, as a guitar player I want to take a break to leave space for other projects. As I told you, I’m working with Milan Polak, and then I always carry on with Moonlight Comedy. I’m also working on other new projects. Some days I’m also dealing with mixing and mastering so I’m working in my studio as a sound engineer.

MER: What’s new with your full time band Moonlight Comedy?

Simone: Last February we released Dorothy, a good album according to the criticism. In the meantime, we have had some promotional live shows like the “Lagoa Burning Live” in Portugal with Primal Fear, Destruction, Adagio, Silent Force and DGM. There was also a line-up change: Gianluigi Farina, the keyboardist, has been replaced by Valerio D’Anna, a magician of synths and electronics. With Valerio we have begun the layout of our new album that maybe will be released in 2009.

MER: In closing, any last words for your fans?

Simone: I can’t do anything else other than to thank all of you for the warmth you show me writing e-mails and visiting my web page! Scott, thanks again for your availability, I hope that soon you and I can talk about my music again.


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