SHENANIGANZ – Four Finger Fist Fight

SHENANIGANZ - Four Finger Fist Fight
  • 8/10
    SHENANIGANZ - Four Finger Fist Fight - 8/10


Silverwolf Production
Release date: January 25, 2008

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Voted best high school band in 2006, the four Germans of Shenaniganz may not get the best start when it comes to being reviewed on a Metal site. Do you really want to listen to a student Rock band? But, to do the band justice, the guys already managed to come in first in that contest against 900 other bands, they played Rock am Ring and toured South Korea, which makes them stand out from the mass of mediocre (or worse) bands where the members are 20 years old (or less). All this attracted the attention of Wolfgang Kerinnis, known for being the guitar player of German Prog band Dreamscape, who arranged to have this album produced and released.

The opening song defines the style nicely. It is called “Punk That Rocks.” Although young, the influences of the guys go back further than their age. Eighties’ and Seventies’ Hard Rock and Punk Rock blend into a delicious mixture that lets you first tap your feet, than get up and dance. With only one exception of Track 13 “The Frankey Commercial Song,” a short interlude that passes by almost unnoticed, every single one of the 14 songs on Four Finger Fist Fight is short and to the point.

That leaves 13 songs to enjoy. The raw production gives the album a feeling of authenticity, and if you close your eyes it almost feels like they’re playing in your living room. The band themselves describe their style as “Bad Ass Rock ’n’ Roll,” and many legends of Rock ’n’ Roll shine through during their tour de force through thirty years of Rock. In “25 Years Ago,” AC/DC influences are omnipresent, and when they quote a famous Rage Against The Machine line in the lyrics, one cannot suppress a grin. In “Jesus Was A Rock’n’Roller,” the AC/DC influences are even more omnipresent, while Rose Tattoo stick out their heads during “Pissing In The Wind.” Status Quo riffing dominates “Hangin’ With The Boys,” and “Hobo Slide” sounds as if Mr. Bon Jovi had decided to play Hard Rock again. But, every song also displays a certain Punk attitude, which sets the Shenaniganz clearly apart from the originals.

A feeling for a good chorus is undeniably there, plus the ability to stop before a track gets boring. Now add a humorous approach and you end up with a nice album. The occasional use of slide guitar, funny party songs, and old clichés – so old that they feel original again – make a fine mix. It seems these guys have a great future ahead, even though not every song on Four Finger Fist Fight is a masterpiece yet, but they make that up with enthusiasm and juvenile naivety, which is infectious. Also, lyrically they have the attitude, but not the linguistical prowess to write lyrics that go deeper than standard Rock and Punk topics. Sometimes it sounds like a native speaker could have smoothed an occasional odd choice of words; something which would be recommended for their next album.

In the meantime, let Four Finger Fist Fight rock you!


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