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Release date: October 9, 2007

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Formed at the beginning of Grunge popularity in 1993, Puddle Of Mudd enjoy a sound like many big Alternative bands, especially Nirvana. In fact, their new release Famous sounds eerily close to Nirvana’s breakthrough Nevermind. This isn’t to say the guitar work is similar, because it’s not. Puddle Of Mudd lead singer Wes Scantlin has a Cobain-esque raspy voice and the song topics are not all about fun and games.

Even with the obvious Nirvana comparisons, Puddle Of Mudd have been around the block a few times and know a thing or two about their genre and audience. As such, Famous has a slightly updated sound. Songs like the album’s title track, “Radiate,” and “I’m So Sure” sound like radio hits. “Radiate” has a slower tempo, and is performed in a lower octave. It’s also the stand-out track on Famous. This song has the possibility to cross over between Metal and Top 40 radio. It would also work well as a soundtrack song for a slew of popular television dramas.

Not surprising, “Famous” is also one of the stronger tracks on the album. Co-written by Brian Howes of Hinder and Daughtry fame, it’s pretty clear Puddle Of Mudd are hoping for a hit in this track. As much as Rock songs can become “hits” these days, the band has a good chance with “Famous.” It’s too bad, though, that the band had to steal a line from Dire Straits (“money for nothing, chicks for free”). Of course, Dire Straits wrote that song about Mötley Crüe so many years ago. Isn’t that a nice dose of irony for a modern band who thumb their noses at musical convention?

Famous closes with “If I Could Love You.” This track is interesting because it’s somewhere between a ballad and the fastest song possible by an Alternative band. The chorus is big and bold – and even catchy! Listening to the whole album, it seems Puddle Of Mudd buried their best songs at the end of the release. This is an odd choice, but it must work for them in some regard.

So, is Famous worth your milk money? Probably, if you like Alternative bands. The album is 100% predictable so don’t expect anything breakthrough. For the most part the songs are solid, with a decent groove.

Puddle Of Mudd is

Wes Scantlin – Vocals/Guitar
Douglas Ardito – Bass
Christian Stone – Guitar
Ryan Yerdon – Drums


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