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Nightmare Records
Release date: October 9, 2007

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Being a band from Mexico and being part of the Progressive Metal genre as this band is labeled, one would certainly expect to hear a completely different sounding CD upon listening to it for the first time. Even the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th time for that matter – got the picture so far? The vocals throw you, the music throws you, the instruments used by its extremely talented group of musicians throw you… what else is left to throw you that hasn’t been mentioned? This is indeed one of those rare moments that cannot be explained. Take the word of a stranger in this case and hear the evidence for itself.

There isn’t much known regarding this band. They are probably Mexico’s most prolific Progressive Metal band to date. Originally formed in 1999 out of Chihuahua, Mexico and now based in Denver, Colorado, this is only their second official release. Their debut release titled Universal came out in an independent fashion back in 2002 and was distributed worldwide by Nightmare Records. This latest production by Dimension is guaranteed to be a very complex album full of constantly changing Progressive movements and a diverse arrangement of aural delicacies that will stimulate as well as heighten one’s musical experience. The CD has 9 tracks consuming almost 70 minutes. The eighth track “Ego” is composed of three individual parts and takes up almost 20 minutes by itself. Dimension is known as only having two key members (who are both incredible musicians themselves) that make up the band with numerous special guests who were asked to participate in making this phenomenally orchestrated album.

The key members are David Quicho (guitars, vocals) and Mane Cabrales (drums, percussion). The special guests include Aaron del Palacio (bass, backup vocals) and Eddie del Palacio (keyboards, backup vocals), along with Claude Sim and Dave Waldman (violins), Catherine Beeson (viola), Evan Orman (cello), and David Hanson (quartet transcription). No, this is not wrong or a joke by any means … you have read correctly … two violins, one viola, and a cello. This line-up is more suitably apt to form or be part of an orchestra, but a Prog-Metal band – what the f**k? However, upon listening to this CD over and over again, the orchestral instruments quickly become less noticeable and more in sync with this band’s new and fresh style. Dimension pulls it off well, and won’t be the last band that tries out this style. These guys do it with such tremendous energy and force, not to mention the immensely talented ensemble that they have put together — they will be a difficult act to follow.

Ego‘s nine tracks are all a treat in themselves. There are six songs that stand out. The opener “Tree Of Conscience” stuns you initially, but it has a more important role. It lets the listener know right off the bat that this is no ordinary album nor is it your average Prog/Metal band. “Freedom Land” has some interesting stop-and-go changes and different guitar sounds throughout (especially in the opening moments). At around the 2:45 mark, there is a funky/groove-type bass/guitar progressive attack that sounds so unique that you get impressed to the point where you wonder what else can the band surprise you with next? The guitar solo, while blazing fast at times, is pristinely clean and impressive in that you can hear each note clear as day. The vocals have an evil/angry touch that really makes them stand out. “Life”’s guitar solos are really worth checking out — enough said! “Dreams” may be the best track of the bunch and has some of the most beautiful guitar playing with an equally impressive feel. A definite highlight! “The Next In Line” is musically and instrumentally the heaviest track on the album. The vocals unfortunately don’t seem to match or go that well with the musical arrangement that was put together for this particular song. They seem out of place until the 5-minute mark when the mood and tempo seems to shift dramatically. The longest song on the album and title track “Ego,” is made up of three parts. There are so many things going on… you just have to listen to it!

Overall, this is another one of those albums that are a must buy if not only for the fact that this band is so unique in what they do and they do it so well. Not only that, the music that they produce is damn good. Most, if not all, lovers of the Prog/Metal genre will definitely be impressed. This is one of the best Prog/Metal releases unleashed on the public this year.


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