KNYGHT – Destination Unknown

KNYGHT - Destination Unknown
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    KNYGHT - Destination Unknown - 5/10


Release date: September 17, 2007

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Knyght is a five-man Glam Rock band from Italy who have a few demo recordings under their belts, with the five-song Destination Unknown being the newest. Destination Unknown has two new songs and two remixed tracks from their earlier demos. The song “Stop Me” also appeared on the compilation album Glamnation Volume 1, released in 2007.

Knyght is comprised of younger musicians with an average age of around 20 years old. But, despite their youth, the band is intent on bringing the Glam to the people.

Knyght’s sound is an upbeat, bouncy style of Glam Rock that just wants to have fun. The songs here aren’t too heavy, although there are some good riffs and a decent solo or two to liven things up. Sing-a-long choruses, frilly keyboards, and a joyous vibe is the order of the day. Three of the songs are up-tempo and melodic, with a couple of power ballads of sorts (“The Believer” and “I’ll Live In Your Shadow”) thrown in to keep things from getting in a rut.

Seeing as how “Stop Me” was released on a fairly major compilation disc, it makes sense that it leads off Destination Unknown: it’s fast, peppy, and the most-polished of the quintet. It’s certainly the best song here, and the most strongly-produced of the five. The production on Destination Unknown isn’t the greatest, but for a demo it’s certainly good enough.

Knyght aren’t superstars (at least, not yet), but everything they do on Destination Unknown is performed in a decent fashion. Sure, there are issues with the album’s mixing and the playing could be a bit tighter, but these things can be taken care of with stronger production and the best teacher of all, experience. Knyght has some talent and a lot of enthusiasm, but right now one of their big stumbling blocks are the lead vocals of Tommaso Forni: it’s very obvious that English isn’t his main language, and while other non-English singers get by okay when they sing in English, Forni has some problems with it. Once again, this is something that can be rectified by practice and experience. Forni’s voice is respectable enough, although he struggles a bit trying to hit the high notes.

Destination Unknown is a decent demo for Knyght, and shows what they can do. While it’s not the best thing you’ll ever hear, Knyght is still a band to keep an eye – and ear – out for in the future.


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