DIVINE HERESY – Bleed The Fifth

DIVINE HERESY - Bleed The Fifth
  • 9/10
    DIVINE HERESY - Bleed The Fifth - 9/10


Roadrunner Records
Release date: August 27, 2007

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Divine Heresy is an American Death Metal band, formed in 2006 by former Fear Factory and current Asesino guitarist Dino Cazares. He recruited Tim Yeung (ex-Vital Remains, ex-Hate Eternal) on drums, Tommy Vext for the vocals, and Joe Payne (ex-Nile) as bassist for future touring and recording (Carzares handled the bass tracks himself on the album). Bleed The Fifth is Divine Heresy’s debut album, and what a debut this is!

Bleed The Fifth is a lecture in brutal and aggressive machinegun riffs, and bands like Caliban and Killswitch Engage should pay close attention. The opening (and title) track “Bleed The Fifth” has lots of really hard riffs and insane double bass drumming. This song is simply rough and raw. “This Threat Is Real,” “Impossible Is Nothing,” and “False Gospel” are other good songs in the same pattern, and those mentioned are the highlights of the record.

But, the music isn’t always ass-kicking, brutal, and angry. The transition between speedy riffs and a church choir part in “This Threat Is Real” is great, and so is the acoustic intro of “Rise Of The Scorned.” Divine Heresy has a slight resemblance to the Fear Factory albums that featured Cazares, though it’s more brutal and aggressive at times and a lot more evolved. The riffs are fast and technical and there’s a lot of double bass drum action going on! The drum work is actually quite amazing; Yeung sounds like a crazy drum machine on speed. Another element that separates Divine Heresy from Cazares’ earlier bands is his guitar solos. It’s great to finally hear some solos from this man too. They aren’t the most technical solos you’ll find, but they come out really well in the context of the music, and are just what the songs need at times.

Vext mainly sticks to his growling vocals, but every now and then you get some real clean vocals. The clean vocals show that Vext has a good range and a good voice. His clean vocals can at times remind of Andreas Hedlund (of Swedish Folk/Viking/Black Metallers Vintersorg). This resemblance can be heard especially on the closing track “Closure,” which is the closest Divine Heresy will ever come to a ballad.

The album is produced by Logan Mader (former guitarist of Machine Head and Soulfly). The production is excellent and anything else would have been unacceptable. Especially great are the transitions between the fast and brutal parts to the slow and melodic parts. Two thumbs up for Mr. Mader. This album is varied and surprisingly good. Cazares has done it again, and if you’re a fan of his previous works you should check this out. Anyone who likes brutal Metal should buy this album, but remember; Bleed The Fifth is not for people with weak hearts.


  • Dino Cazares – Guitar
  • Tim Yeung – Drums
  • Tommy Vext – Vocals


  1. Bleed The Fifth
  2. Failed Creation
  3. The Threat Is Real
  4. Impossible Is Nothing
  5. Savior Self
  6. Rise Of The Scorned
  7. False Gospel
  8. Soul Decoded (Now & Forever)
  9. Royal Blood Heresy
  10. Closure


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