ROADKILL – Dark Side

ROADKILL - Dark Side
  • 8.5/10
    ROADKILL - Dark Side - 8.5/10


Release date: June 30, 2007

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This band from The Netherlands has already released one mini CD Pyramid and a full length album Merlin. These releases gathered some pretty good reviews proving that there was more from this freshly formed band. In the mid of 2005 Roadkill suffered the tragic event of losing their singer Marco Hendriks from cancer.

Roadkill decided that they should continue as a band and to do so they added Marc Mac Blade (ex-Wastelands) to the line-up to take over the singing duties. So, with the new singer and with renewed forces, Roadkill produced Dark Side to prove what they are capable of doing.

Some melodic guitar riffs open for the epic song “God Of War” that is telling the story of a man who stood up against the ancient Greek God of war, Ares. The track features galloping riffs ala Iron Maiden and some excellent vocals that immediately bring to mind Tony Martin (ex- Black Sabbath) with a Dio finishing touch. The guitars have the leading role here with strong melodies while the drums have something from the early Manowar works with Battle Hymns. “Dark Side” is next following the same 80s NWOBHM atmosphere with strong Epic Metal additions. Here the main melody will set anchor in the listener’s mind, making him hum the chorus lines even from the first spin. It’s a shame to see bands with this lost and forgotten sound remain unsigned for the sake of music trends that look towards NuMetal and “core” genres.

It’s time to get emotional with the “Lost” ballad that kicks in with some clean guitar arpeggios and soft performed vocals. The female vocals really enhance the “sensitive” atmosphere while the classic guitar solo and some keyboard welcome the distortion that gives a powerful finale to this almost 7-minute opus. “King Of Swords” marks the return to imaginary terrains that hosts magical battles with wizards and warlocks. This song is so classic that it could be found in a compilation with bands like Slough Feg, Cloven Hoof, or even Brocas Helm. The bass guitar opens for the last track of this EP that is entitled “The Dream.” Here the band adds some more aggression with high-pitched harsh vocals and a staccato rhythm until the catchy bridge and chorus.

This is the Heavy Metal have all loved and still do; straightforward melodies, simple but distinct guitar riffs and great vocals. This act definitely deserves better luck and without any doubt a record deal. Let’s just hope that there are still record labels out there that have music as a target instead of just making money.


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