CIVILIZATION ONE – Revolution Rising

CIVILIZATION ONE - Revolution Rising
  • 8.5/10
    CIVILIZATION ONE - Revolution Rising - 8.5/10


Metal Heaven/Soul Food
Release date: June 29, 2007

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It’s funny how it takes some bands that have been together for ages to finally come up with a good, tight-sounding, and ass-kicking album while some can do it the first time out of the gates. That is exactly what Civilization One has done, except they cut down on the waiting. What is more unbelievable is that the band has been thrown together for this particular challenge and what they came up with is really frightening.

Chitral “Chity” Somapala (vocals; AVALON, FIREWIND, FARO, MOONLIGHT AGONY, RED CIRCUIT; from Sri Lanka) and Aldo Lonobile (guitar; SECRET SPHERE, SHADOWSPELL; from Italy) wanted to create a band that combined heavy, aggressive guitar riffs with the melodic sensibilities of Classical music, and featured memorable vocal lines and choruses, such as those created by the legendary classic bands of Heavy Metal, according to them. “Chity” has a unique voice reminiscent of the Scorpions’ Klaus Meine (during the Lovedrive era); Ronnie James Dio (circa Black Sabbath’s Mob Rules); and especially Blackie Lawless of WASP. Civilization One is an international musical entity comprised of musicians from around the world; in this case Sri Lanka, Italy, France, and Brazil. The next person asked to join the band was Luca Cartasegna (drums; SECRET SPHERE, MORTUARY DRAPE; from Italy), a madman on drums. He is a greatly skilled player noted for his insanely impressive double-bass work and lightning fast hands. This is clearly evident on songs like “Life of Agony,” “Legends Of The Past (Carry On),” “16,” “Welcome to Paradise,” and “Time Will Tell.” Next on board is Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson (bass; HEAVENLY, MALADAPTIVE; from France) who “Chity” knew as his former group, acclaimed French Power Metal act HEAVENLY, toured with “Chity’s” former band AVALON at the time. Pierre-Emmanuel brings exceptional bass playing prowess to the band, as well as his love for power, aggression, and melody. The last piece of the puzzle is completed by having Jesper Stotz (keyboards; from Brazil) come aboard. “Chity” had been corresponding with Jesper over the years and he asked him to join the band.

The debut of Revolution Rising is a 10-track, 41+ minute masterpiece that showcases a variety of styles in this timeless Heavy Metal production with Neoclassical, Symphonic aggression. This is one of those CD’s that will increase its fan base as time goes on without a doubt. It will also have this same fan base and countless others waiting to see what Civilization One will do next.

The CD opens strong with Luca doing what he does best, and “Chity” doing his best Blackie Lawless imitation after a short medieval-sounding intro. “Life Of Agony” is one of those songs that make you wish there were more. It is probably the heaviest tune out of the bunch and you will hear why. There are a few more heavy tunes such as “16” and “Welcome To Paradise,” but not to the extent of “Life Of Agony.” Some good Rock tracks such as “Legends Of The Past (Carry On),” “The Lost Souls,” “Sacred,” “Wishing Well,” and “Time Will Tell” round out the rest of the CD, along with the last tune called “Dream On” (no not an Aerosmith remake), which is basically a ballad. This tune has some incredibly beautiful sounding harmonies. It is interesting how English/American it sounds considering the nationality mix that is incorporated into the CD.

Of the heavier tunes mentioned above, Luca shows his unique drumming ability leaving one scratching his head saying “Is that a person or a drumming machine?” Yes, he is that good! The bass work is just loud enough to keep up with the drumming and not drown out the vocals, keys, or intricate guitar work that is Aldo’s forte. One could say this is a typical 80’s Rock type album, but then Civilization One has its own sound even though they have spurts where “Chity” sounds like other well known vocalists. There aren’t too many bands out there that have a drummer that sounds like Luca. Then, there is Aldo’s guitar work that has its own style and sound. Whatever the argument, it doesn’t change the fact that this is one good CD.


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