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    FREDERIKSEN/DENANDER - Baptism By Fire - 8.5/10


Release date: June 8, 2007

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Dennis Fergi Frederiksen is best known for being the lead vocalist on TOTO’s Isolation album, released in 1984. He is blessed with one amazing voice and must be one of the greatest singers in Melodic Rock history. Frederiksen also sing on the outstanding debut album of Trillion in 1982 and also participated on the Mecca project. Tommy Denander is a Swedish guitar player, known for his very popular Radioactive albums. He’s a very respected musician and producer and has worked with a lot of big names, such as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Desmond Child, just to mention a few.

This record features the songwriting skills of two eminent musicians and features twelve great Melodic Rock tunes. And on this record you’ll find a lot of other very talented musicians, such as Steve Porcaro (ex TOTO) on Hammond Organ and Michael Thompson (TRW) on guitar. NY session drummer Eric Z Daniels also joined the project and completed this very fine line-up.

Let Him Go, starts out the album with a techno-like intro. The band comes in with a keyboard in the lead. Fredriksen’s voice is really outstanding and a joy to listen to. The refrain is pure musical orgasm! This is what Melodic Rock should sound like! The vocal harmonies take it to another level and the bass guitar should not be forgotten either. It feels so good listening to the steady one-note pounding on the refrain. The guitar solo is nothing less than awesome and the foundation the rest of the band makes beneath it is lovely. This one is really a masterpiece and a worthy opener.

The next one is a more ballad-like song. Right Heart, Wrong Time. This one also has a very catchy refrain, again embossed by beautiful vocal harmonies. The guitar solos sounds very good. Denander doesn’t rush over the strings trying to play a million notes, he makes beautiful and controlled solos.

The title track Baptism By Fire is another awesome Melodic Rock song. Great vocal harmonies and an overall outstanding sound make this song also something special. The keyboards are the foundation of this music, even if they are not that dominant they are highly important to this record giving the music a polished and melodic sound.

The sound has so much perfectionism in it that it couldn’t be a more joyful listening experience. Baptism By Fire is really a Melodic Rock masterpiece which is highly recommended! A record that just waits for the amount of attention it deserves!


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