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Release date: June 5, 2007

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Disappearing from the Metal scene after the 2003 release of The Golden Age Of Grotesque, Marilyn Manson, a.k.a. Brian Hugh Warner, has emerged from his musical exile to meet the crowd with his newest release Eat Me, Drink Me.

As a practiced manipulator, known for using controversial style and shock tactics in his work, Manson has long experience with acting up on the press and public opinion. Without exception, Eat Me, Drink Me has caused fuss both in the press and among the fans, as the American Shock Rocker has decided to show a new side of him through his latest work.

Recorded at a home studio, written, preformed and produced with his multi-instrumental friend, Tim Skold, who is also the only other musician on the album, it is the most straightforward work this Goth Icon has ever done. The songs are a dark mix of Industrial Metal and Goth Rock, supplied with a strong dose of Bowie-Glam, accompanied by Manson’s deadly growl and long guitar solos. The songs are slower and not as angry as on previous albums.

When it comes to the lyrical content of the album, the inspiration this time has come from his own life, such as the split with Dita Von Teese and his current relationship to the 19-years younger actress Evan Rachel Wood. Other themes, like Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, can be found in the title track, “Eat Me, Drink Me,” obviously referring to the part where Alice goes down the rabbit hole and finds a cake labelled “eat me” that makes her grow and a bottle labelled “drink me” that makes her shrink. “Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery” is a direct hit on My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, in which he accuses Way of ripping off his sound. “Putting Holes In Happiness” and “If I Was Your Vampire” are both of high quality, and are definitely worth mentioning, along with “The Red Carpet Grave.” Manson himself claims that “If I Was Your Vampire” is the new “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” an all-time Gothic anthem. “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand),” with its sweet, melodic and catchy tones is another song that sticks.

Mixing of the album was carried out by Sean Beavan, who has also worked on other Marilyn Manson projects like the 1996 Antichrist Superstar album, as well as the 1998 Mechanical Animals album.

Marilyn Manson’s musical reflections on society’s moral cancers have been replaced with the confrontation of his own demons on the new CD. A surprising twist from someone who is maybe most known for pissing off conservative America over and over again. Eat Me, Drink Me is in many ways a great album, but fans that were hoping for a more aggressive approach, might be a bit disappointed.


  1. If I Was Your Vampire
  2. Putting Holes In Happiness
  3. The Red Carpet Grave
  4. They Said That Hell’s Not Hot
  5. Just A Car Crash Away
  6. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)
  7. Evidence
  8. Are You The Rabbit?
  9. Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery
  10. You And Me And The Devil Makes 3
  11. Eat Me, Drink Me
    Bonus Track:
  12. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) Remix


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