SAXON (Live)

At Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway, May 9, 2007

Saxon is not an unfamiliar name among Metal lovers. Through thirty years, the N.W.O.B.H.M. legends have released 24 records and toured the world several times. Saxon started the homecoming of Heavy Metal together with Iron Maiden and Def Leppard in the early 80s, after the Punk era. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the same attention as the other bands mentioned. Why that happened is hard to say, because their material has always been very strong.

Saxon has just released a completely new record called The Inner Sanctum and they’re currently on a world tour to promote the album. So far they’ve done quite good as they have sold out almost every venue they’ve played. Since the early 80s, they have evolved to become heavier than in the past. Saxon has ended up in a more Power Metal-based style, and their new record is no exception.

The support band for this tour was none less than the German Power Metal band Masterplan. Masterplan was a good fit for the night’s musical style, and delivered a fantastic show. They are currently touring in support of their new release, MK II, with new vocalist Mike Dimeo and drummer Mike Terrana (the show even featured a great drum solo). Masterplan’s set featured some old tracks as well as some new, and they delivered a good show. They are a very tight band, and an incredible live act!

After a little while, Saxon finally entered the stage. They opened up with the first track from The Inner Sanctum, “State Of Grace.” What an awesome song! Then they kicked out with the energetic riff-based song “Let Me Feel Your Power.” The band sounded amazingly good. Vocalist Biff Byford screamed his balls off and the others were more on it than ever. Biff was definitely in the mood this night, and was joking around as usual, showing what an entertainer he is. He even sings better now than he did 20 years earlier. The 56-year old frontman led Saxon into an intense and awesome concert. Bassist Nibbs Carter really deserve a medal for his intense headbanging on this faithful night. This man is Rock ‘N’ Roll in person!

After being away from the band since 1999, Nigel Glockler is finally back behind the drum kit. He really delivered the goods this night and his drumming was intense and heavy. It was like listening to a completely new drummer as his style is so aggressive now.

After playing for over an hour, the band left the stage, but returned a few minutes later to do the encores. Guitarist Doug Scarratt entered the stage first and played an awesome guitar solo before starting out the title track from the 1983 release Power And The Glory. Paul Quinn also showed his amazingly good guitar skills this night. It must be said that the two guitarists were like dynamite together. Also, there were such highlights as “And The Band Played On” and “747 (Strangers In The Night).” They closed the set with the legendary “Denim And Leather” after two hours of constant, awesome playing. Saxon is one hell of a live act and they proved it once again this Wednesday night.

This evening was truly a hit parade, and there wasn’t one weak moment through the two hour show. Saxon indeed put much weight on the new record, The Inner Sanctum, this night, playing eight new songs in-between all the old ones. Rockefeller wasn’t exactly filled up with people, and Saxon is a band that definitely should sell out venues like this. However, Saxon has never been that big in Norway. Isn’t that a shame?


  • Biff Byford – Vocals
  • Nibbs Carter – Bass and backing vocals
  • Paul Quinn – Guitar and backing vocals
  • Nigel Glockler – Drums and backing vocals
  • Doug Scarratt – Guitar


State Of Grace / Let Me Feel Your Power / Motorcycle Man / If I Was You / Strong Arm Of The Law / Dogs Of War / To Hell And Back Again / Killing Ground / Red Star Falling / Princess Of The Night / Crusader / I’ve Got To Rock
Encore: Empire Rising /Attila The Hun / 747 (Strangers In The Night) / Ashes To Ashes / And The Band Played On / Power & The Glory / Denim And Leather


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