RAZORBACK – Deadringer

RAZORBACK - Deadringer
  • 8.5/10
    RAZORBACK - Deadringer - 8.5/10


AOR Metal Heaven
Release date: April 20, 2007

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With a distinct Melodic Metal sound closer to 1987 than 2007, Razorback scores big with their latest release Deadringer. Singer Stefan Berggren has a voice that evokes memories of Dio mixed with Whitesnake. The songs are inventive, but not over the top. In short, Deadringer is a perfect Rock album.

In 2002 German-Scandinavian Razorback formed out of the ashes of many bands and now features Masterplan drummer Mike Terrana behind the kit. With Deadringer, Razorback has a real chance of crossing over into more music markets, including the United States.

The album opens with a spoken word introduction, and then it’s time for music. The album’s title track is one of the fastest songs on the entire release. Featuring long melodic interludes and soaring high notes courtesy of Berggren, “Deadringer” makes the album worth purchasing.

“Take Me To The Other Side” features a Bluesy bass sound and sultry vocals. The backing harmonies add an extra layer of sound to the track not commonly present in many of today’s Melodic releases.

Perhaps the strongest track on Deadringer is the ballad “Miracle Baby.” Featuring haunting vocals and light drum work, the lyrics steal the show. A lament of the musician on tour, “Miracle Baby” pays homage to a very special significant other. Again, the harmonies soar here, serving as a true testament to this band’s natural playing ability.

Production on Deadringer is top notch, but not overdone. You won’t find any fake effects or excessive overdubbing as this is a band that likes to have their music stand alone. A great evidence of this is with the track “Line of Fire.” Good enough to be a single, “Line Of Fire” features multiple key changes, a complex, strong structure, fast guitar work, and clean lyrics. “Line Of Fire” is perhaps the most Metal track on Deadringer.

While homogenous in many places, Deadringer is an excellent release, and features musicianship that far exceeds many bands on the market today. Every album has at least one drawback, for Deadringer, the only unnecessary element is the spoken word introduction. After all, music this good needs no introduction.

Razorback are

Stefan Berggren – Vocals
Rolf Munkes – Lead- & Rhythm-Guitars
Chris Heun – Bass & Rhythm-Guitar
Mike Terrana – Drums


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