TANKARD – Kings Of Beer

TANKARD - Kings Of Beer
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    TANKARD - Kings Of Beer - 7/10


Locomotive Records
Release date: March 13, 2007

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Tankard is one of those bands that have been releasing albums while keeping their music style pretty much unchanged. The German band will celebrate their 25th anniversary by releasing Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers in August 2007 through AFM Records. Their long and strong relationship with beer started with the first gig in a classroom back on May 28, 1983. The story tells that they had to pour beer in milk cartons, which they consumed while playing, since alcohol was not allowed in school. Well, apart from the beer stories, the band has composed historical songs like “(Empty) Tankard,” “Space Beer,” “Alcohol” and many more, combining traditional 80s Thrash Metal with a twist of humor. AFM records has decided to reissue Kings Of Beer, through Locomotive Records, that was originally released in 2000 to celebrate the band’s 25 years of relentless beer consumption.

The straightforward Thrasher “Flirtin’ With Desaster” opens the album, introducing the “gold” blend of Punk and Thrash Metal that made Tankard known to the Metal scene. Andreas Geremia implements his flat, yet screaming harsh vocals, following the Punk pattern. “Dark Exile” brings a sing-a-long chorus and a fast guitar solo, while “Hot Dog Inferno” and “Hell Bent For Jesus” bear the old-school Trash atmosphere of the 80s. The staccato rhythm of the self-sarcastic “Kings Of Beer” talks about Tankard’s point of view towards Metal that is pretty much respected by every Metalhead. Self-sarcasm is also the main subject in the Punk-driven “I’m Sorry,” where Geremia talks about his choice of becoming a Metal singer (it’s hilarious).

Things get pretty heavy in the mid-tempo “Talk Show Prostitute” and the faster “Incredible Loudness.” “Land Of The Free” is a classic headbanger that brings to mind Metallica of the Kill ‘em All-era, and includes some pretty cool guitar leads. The double drum pedaling opens for the track “Mirror, Mirror” that some decades before could have been tagged with the label “Crossover,” initially introduced by bands like D.R.I.. The last track of the original release is another Tankard classic entitled “Tattoo Coward.”

The reissue comes with a bonus track that is Tankard’s in-your-face edition of the Metallica all-time classic song “Damage, Inc.”

There’s nothing groundbreaking in Kings Of Beer apart from the classic and above all honest traditional Thrash (Beer) Metal from a band that is better to watch on-stage than in the studio. The best way to close this review is by quoting some lyrics from the classic track “(Empty) Tankard” … ”We need another beer!”


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