PRIDE OF LIONS – The Roaring Of Dreams

  • 8/10
    PRIDE OF LIONS - The Roaring Of Dreams - 8/10


Label: Frontiers Records
Release Date: February 16, 2007

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This is the third release from the Melodic Rock/A.O.R. band Pride Of Lions. With The Roaring Of Dreams, they wanted to “… return to the more commercial and hook-oriented music …” of their first album. They have succeeded in doing this, and the album contains twelve great songs penned by a band that’s headed by ex-Survivor founder Jim Peterik (you remember Survivor don’t you? “Eye Of The Tiger,” Rocky III …).

What really kicks you off your chair when you listen to the record is the amazing voice of Toby Hitchcock. He reminds of a young Meat Loaf, with a powerful, almost opera-like voice. Hitchcock really gets to show his abilities during the first song on the album, “Heaven On Earth.” This is a Hard Rocker that shows great vocal cooperation between Hitchcock and Peterik. They both sing great alone, but are dynamite together, regardless if it’s harmonies or Peterik backing up Hitchcock’s powerful voice.

“Book Of Life” is another Hard Rocker with lyrics suggesting that you make the best of your life. The lyrics are inspiring, and when you’ve heard the chorus a couple of times, you’re bound to sing along. The song is one of the coolest on the record and everything is right about it, from the rhythm section to the guitar solo to the incredible vocals.

Another cool standout is “Language Of The Heart.” It’s got a lot of energy and drive, and a smart modulation as well. The bass and drums really get this song going, and the keyboards add a necessary melodic touch to it. You should also pay attention to the beautiful power ballad “Faithful Heart.” It certainly puts Hitchcock’s grandiose voice in the right element.

The closer “Turnaround” is another beautiful power ballad driven by Hitchcock’s formidable vocals, along with playful guitar notes from Peterik and Aquino — after they play a guitar solo halfway through the song, Toby Hitchcock’s twenty-one year old sister Tori enters to sing a duet with him. It’s simply amazing, and young Tori doesn’t stand aside for her brother at all. With her incredible voice, someone needs to get her in a band and get her a record deal! A.S.A.P.!

The production is amazing too. No flaws can be heard here and no instrument is lost in the mix. The music itself sounds like a cross between Whitesnake, Meat Loaf, and Tenacious D (without the humor). Though most things about this album are great, they could have done something more with the bass/drum sections … would have been both challenging and cool.

All in all, though, this album is cool and Hitchcock’s voice and vocal range is absolutely fantastic. If you like strong Melodic Rock albums with a great line-up and great songs, then this album was made for you!


  • Toby Hitchcock – Lead vocals
  • Jim Peterik – Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Ed Breckenfeld – Drums
  • Klem Hayes – Bass
  • Mike Aquino – Guitar
  • Christian Cullen – Keyboards
  • Thom Griffin – Backing vocals

Track list

  1. Heaven On Earth
  2. Book Of Life
  3. Love’s Eternal Flame
  4. Language Of The Heart
  5. Let Me Let You Go
  6. Faithful Heart
  7. Defying Gravity
  8. The Roaring Of Dreams
  9. Secret Of The Way
  10. Astonish You
  11. Tall Ships
  12. Turnaround


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