MCQUEEN – Break The Silence

MCQUEEN - Break The Silence
  • 7/10
    MCQUEEN - Break The Silence - 7/10


Demolition Records
Release date: January 22, 2007

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Back in the “Olden Days,” girls in Rock music were few and far between. There was really just Girlschool, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and very few others who managed to penetrate the macho world of Hard Rock and create names for themselves on their own terms.

Now, of course, it’s very different and there’s more female Rock bands out there than you can shake your beer mat encrusted denim jacket at today. Having said that, the majority of those seem to tread a Gothic path or a more traditional Melodic Rock route. Where did all those kickass girl Rockers go? Enter McQueen.

Formed in Brighton in 2003 by Leah Duors (Vocals), Hayley Cramer (Drums), Cat de Casenove (Guitars), and Sophie Taylor (Bass), McQueen were quickly snapped up by hot UK label Demolition Records, home to Twisted Sister and Hanoi Rocks amongst others, and Break The Silence is the first product of this union.

“Neurotic” is perfectly titled. A snarling, Punk-addled riff-fest of an opener immediately allaying any fears that McQueen are just another sugarcoated band of fluff. This Rocks. Hard.

Singer Leah Duors has a strong, gravel-edged voice that shows no sign of compromise. Yet, within the hard-hitting delivery is a strong melody. You can have all the attitude in the world, all the heaviest riffs, but if there’s no melody, there’s no song.

Fortunately, McQueen don’t dodge on the tunes here. “Running Out Of Things To Say” positively bounces along with its Glitter Band-like jungle rhythms and thoroughly infectious chorus. De Casenove chips in with a rather tasty solo just to round things off nicely too. “Line Went Dead” and “Numb” have a Joan Jett speed type of vibe with a real Punky edge, and the hooks just reel you in.

Overall, the album is well-paced with some fast, up-tempo Rockers continually pushing the album along, whereas the more moody “Break The Silence” offers Duors the opportunity to gently soothe the listener before crushing them under the onslaught of a particularly savage chorus.

Perhaps it’s “Not For Sale” where McQueen nail their principles to the mast and demand that it’s their music and not their sex that counts. You certainly can’t argue with them. Their sure-fire attitude and confidence is wrapped up in a firey, hook laden message as De Casenove lets rip with an explosive Rock ‘n’ Roll solo that would do Ace Frehley proud.

2007 has been quite a year for McQueen. Not only have they released an exciting, explosive debut album, but have had high profile support slots with the likes of WASP together with appearances alongside Aerosmith at their recent Hyde Park Calling show. Over the coming months they will be playing at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in Minehead in November with Twisted Sister and UFO, amongst others, and will be headlining their own UK shows in October. The future is certainly looking bright for McQueen.


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