RUFFIANS – Desert Of Tears

RUFFIANS - Desert Of Tears
  • 6/10
    RUFFIANS - Desert Of Tears - 6/10


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Release date: October 20, 2006

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It is 2006, and after merely 23 years, the world sees the first full studio album by USA Metal legend Ruffians. Hard to be believe, but true: After their 6-track debut was released in 1985, only a few sampler tracks were published, which are virtually unknown outside the USA, so only now do fans get to enjoy the five guys over the whole distance.

Amid the hype made around their reunion gig at the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen, Germany, it was hard to believe and difficult to stand as they basically had to play every single song they published to fill the 60-minute playing slot, but one fact still remains true: Their 1985 release with the late Carl Albert at the mic was superb. In 2006, they have worked again with Albert’s original replacement, Rich Wilde, so there is some continuity to their history. But, how can one judge an album that sounds as if it could have been published in 1986?

Well, try first to see this album through the eyes of two different Metalheads. First, this is Edgar, 41, whose first Metal album was Saxon’s debut, and who had the vinyl version of Ruffian’s six-tracker and treasures a couple of awful-sounding Ruffians live tapes (!), and traded with other fans worldwide during the late Eighties. So, Edgar, what’s your opinion?

Edgar: “This is one of the strongest releases of the new century! Rich Wilde is as good as he was twenty years ago … he shouts and screams and comes up with brilliant melodies that just stick with you. This guy can sing, not like all the new bands coming from America these days where barking dogs actually have more feeling for melody! The riffs are heavy, the way I’ve loved it for decades now. Man, I saw them in Balingen, and they rocked! I was waiting for 20 years to see them live, and they did not disappoint. I love it when the guitar plays the same tone, you know, chaka-chaka-chaka. I loved Accept because of this and Vicious Rumors … how can that be bad now? They do not need high speed attacks, double bass or samples. They write emotional, gripping songs. Neckbreakers and ballads in the right balance, this is a must buy for every true Metalhead to place next to their Fifth Angel, Lizzy Borden, and Rival collection! Uh, my favorite tracks? Well, “I Believe,” the slow and intense “Desert Of Tears,” and, of course, the fast “Live By The Sword” -– by the way, a brilliant and highly original title, if I may say so -– and heavy “Soldier’s Tale.” Oh, and the ballad “It Ain’t Over.” And the last track “Freedom,” with its acoustic intro, which reminds me of a Dio track. Desert Of Tears is one of my top ten albums of 2006!”

Switch now to Rufus, 18, who loves Slipknot as one can see, since he wears a colorful bootleg shirt purchased at the local record store. He is fidgeting the five metal rings through his left eyebrow with his right hand, displaying the four letters H-A-T-E on his fingers, which suspiciously look to have been made with a water resistant pen during today’s history lesson. Rufus, what do you say?

Rufus: “Oh come on, dude, where did this Edgar guy escape from? This is so incredibly uncool. The singer sounds like my father in the shower, the guitar bores me senseless, and there is no aggression at all in the songs! I have no clue what daddy’s bands they refer to in the band bio, but I know I do not want to find out. If I have to listen to that sissy music again, I’ll lose my lunch! Favorites? The silence between tracks!”

Decide yourself which description fits your taste better, or better yet, listen to some tracks…

They are coming on tour in December 2006!


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