SUNSTORM – Sunstorm

SUNSTORM - Sunstorm


Frontiers Records
Release date: September 22, 2006

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Given the information that comes with Sunstorm’s first and self-titled CD –- that these songs are mainly leftover material from the eighties and were meant to be included on a Joe Lynn Turner solo album back in the days of hairspray and shiny pastel colors -– it sure raises speculation about a few potential scenarios:

1. Joe Lynn Turner himself, no introduction needed, had no clue how great this material was and didn’t realize he was shelving not only hit singles, but a solid and cohesive album.

2. Joe Lynn Turner, still no introduction needed, is a guy who refuses to look back unless a smart Italian record label owner insists on him doing so (most possibly the latter as Turner, in fact, did work more than once with Maestro Blackmore, whose introduction would be a waste of time).

3. Joe Lynn Turner’s CDs throughout the nineties and early 2000 (these could perhaps need further introduction) were so good that he could afford to steer clear from these songs for said period of time. In that case, you all have to take a closer look at his solo career.

4. Lastly, and most possibly, producer and bass player Dennis Ward has worked magic for Sunstorm and Turner’s somehow forgotten gems … and Ward should need no introduction -– however; he has played bass with Pink Cream 69 for about 20 years, produced their latest albums, recorded and produced artists like Edenbridge and the band featuring the most talented guitar duo in Metal, Brazilian Tech-Prog monsters Angra, not forgetting DC Cooper and Silent Force, etc.

But, back to Sunstorm, whose songs also have had help from Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions) and John Parr amongst others, the band (or project, as stated in the press release) also features Uwe Reitenauer, an axeslinger who stands tall next to Pink Cream 69’s Alfred Koffler, as well as Chris Schmidt on drums and Jochen Weyer on keyboards. “Keep Tonight” sets the standard for the small hour of quality Melodic Hard Rock that you’ve come to expect from Turner by now. His voice is in a terrific shape and shows a singer who turned (hence his family name) his back on the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle just in time. Turner will probably sing this impressively until the men in white from the elder’s home come and pick him up.

“Fame And Fortune” is another straight rocker that has an unmistakable Turner mark, and it’s easy to believe that the structure to such a song was written about 20 years ago. It must be stressed that Sunstorm by no means sound dated -– Dennis Ward’s producer skills give the material vitality and a supersonic audio landscape.

“Heart Over Mind” is a ballad, no mistakes about that, with piano and a slightly Bluesy Gary Moore/John Norum-ish guitar touch. Check it out!

Without going deep into details on every track here, it must be mentioned that “This Is My Heart” has been given a huge Pink Cream-ish touch by Ward and Reitenauer, as it sounds like the brother to “Do You Like It Like That?”, and also more recent PC69 classics. Also very Cream-ish is the album’s by far best song; “Fist Full Of Heat,” while “Love’s Gone Wrong” is a little Funky in all its Melodic glory.

All in all, this is a very strong record by Sunstorm, where the better half of it rocks like grandma’s chair when watching old James Dean movies, and considering the fact that a few of the (a little too many) ballads are great as well, Joe Lynn Turner is welcome back with more leftover material any time.


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