CONQUEST – End Of Days

CONQUEST - End Of Days
  • 8.5/10
    CONQUEST - End Of Days - 8.5/10


Questone Music
Release date: 2006

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Conquest out of St. Louis, USA already have four releases behind them, but have remained unknown to a great extent. With a style binding together Classic Traditional Bay Area-styled Thrash with 90s influences, and similarities to bands like Pantera, Machine Head, and Forté, Conquest are certainly on to something here.

A problem with today’s Metal? Many bands certainly seem to be unaware of how to successfully shuffle and mix melody, catchiness with harshness, and all the while maintain heavy duty values. Likewise, a loss of memorable riffs plagues many releases these days. A shame unto itself, for where would Metal be without powerful riffs? It’s its fundamental premise. Conquest is a band that is well aware of the importance of dynamics and how to make powerful Metal music. At times, blasting End Of Days almost works as a revelation in that sense; the band makes no apologies as they forge straight into “Killer Machine,” and that’s basically how they come across right from the start. This is Thrash Metal for today, that proudly pays homage to its heritage and moves its way forwards.

Thankfully, the band is able to realize the mentioned promising start with further explosive tracks throughout the majority of the album. Megadeth-reminiscent leads soar throughout “Annihilation Complete” — also featuring memorable chorus values. The band slows down on the melodic, but likewise heavy, “It’s All Over.” Together with “Walk Alone” and the aforementioned “Killing Machine,” these 3 should work as an excellent introduction to Conquest’s music, as they are good examples of the band’s sense of catchiness mixed with heaviness.

The band’s on the verge of loosing it on “Angry Kind,” which unfortunately plods along, but they soon redeem themselves with “Stoned Me” … a song that builds around wicked riffs and aggressive vocal delivery.

“Revelations” surprisingly enough starts with keyboard effects rather high in the mix. Another powerful vocal performance courtesy of founder Derrick Brumley is apparent here, blending Chuck Billy-like growling with some of the most melodic leanings on the entire CD, which works to great effect. “Valley Of The Damned” further demonstrates Conquest’s dynamic sense with a quiet beginning that differs compared to the rest of the release. Fluid, slower lead playing fades the song out. The title track features further strong guitar work, but lacks memorable sense otherwise. That said, when the album ends, you’re left with a feeling of being hit by a powerful, relentless force that drains you of whatever unease you might have had prior. And, when all is said and done, that’s what Metal primarily should be about.

End Of Days is certainly an impressive release that successfully blends aggression and melody with splashes of technicality. Conquest should be able to appeal to fans of Old School Bay Area Thrash and the heavier US Power Metal bands alike.


Tony Restivo – Bass
Mike Crook – Guitar
Derrick Brumley – Lead vocals, Guitar
Tim Fleetwood – Drums


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