AUDIOSLAVE – Revelations

AUDIOSLAVE - Revelations


Release date: September 4, 2006

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8.5/10 (1 vote)

Audioslave has been one of Rock’s most hyped bands, hailed as a so-called supergroup, which should redefine Rock. Too few cared about the fact that their self-titled debut (2002) only held 3-4 good tracks and the rest of the album was full of fillers (Superunknown part II, anyone?). And, too few cared to notice that their follow-up, Out Of Exile (2005), was too laid back for a Rock band willing to Rock. Some called it a Pop album (anyone interested in Chris Cornell singing mellow songs should check out his brilliant solo album Euphoria Morning 1999).

But their new album, their third one, Revelations, is a blast! Finally they’ve succeeded in making an album where there’s no beating around the bush. This time around they’ve attacked the songwriting and recording process in a way where everything seems to have been right.

The individual performances of the band members are entirely satisfactory, and together they sound better than ever before. The crazy thing is that singer Chris Cornell’s vocal performance here is superior to any of his prior works! That says a lot! Tim Commerford creates a noteworthy creative bass landscape, funkier than ever, and skinsman Brad Wilk backs him up energetically. Guitarist Tom Morello plays like he has always played; like no one else in the genre … he paints in so many colors that you almost get dizzy and confused. But, it works, especially this time around.

Speaking about Morello … the notes in the booklet say “All sounds made by guitar, bass, drums and vocals.” Well, that’s not too impressive as long as Tom Morello has got more effect pedals attached to his guitar than any keyboardist has got on his keyboard …

Anyway, Chris Cornell is once again responsible for the lyrics, which gives the album an artistic segment and depth not a lot of the other albums in the genre hold. Cornell turns to important human, political, and social matters for his poetry. No bullshit. And, as far as one can tell, the rest of the band, they also don’t mind raging a bit against the injustices in the world.

Revelations is full of highlights. You’ll need shades. “One And The Same,” “Original Fire,” and “Broken City” are all killers! Funky and catchy, beyond anyone’s expectations. The heartfelt “Sound Of A Gun” is notably strong too, and all of this is still in the album’s first half!

In the second half, it’s “Jewel Of The Summertime,” “Wide Awake,” (the first Audioslave track ever to give associations to Terence Trent D’Arby!) and “Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye” that holds the flag.

The rest of the material is far from fillers, but, for example, the mellow “Until We Fall” does not add much to what we’ve heard from the guys earlier. Same goes for “Somedays.”

All in all, through this release, Audioslave has finally made a convincing product, and have proved that they deserve their status.


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