DISSECTION – Rebirth Of Dissection

DISSECTION - Rebirth Of Dissection


Escapi Music
Release date: July 28, 2006

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Jon Nödtveidt made his first steps in the Metal scene in 1988 with a Thrash Metal band named Siren’s Well. This prime form of Dissection materialized the year after, featuring four members. Following several live shows and demo recordings, the band finally released Somberlain at the end of 1993. This album was dedicated to the memory of Euronymous (R.I.P.) of Mayhem who was murdered earlier the same year.

Dissection is one of the bands that are responsible for the creation of the so-called Göthenburg sound, where Death Metal blends in with melodic, Maiden-esque riffs. Lyrically, the band moves through the dark and evil paths of Black Metal in the Scandinavian way.

The following two years saw the release of one full-length album and one EP. The growth of the reputation of Dissection came to an end with the arrest of Nödtveidt, who was accused and convicted for killing a man in the summer of 1997, receiving a 10 year sentence.

Jon made his way out of the difficult years in prison by composing music for the next Dissection album. The album became possible in 2006 when Reinkaos was released with a new line-up: ex-Dark Funeral drummer Tomas Asklund, the ex-Nightrage bass player Brice Leclerq, and the ex-Aborym guitarist Set Teitan.

In order to celebrate the band’s return, Escapi Music has released Dissection’s sold-out show at Stockholm Arena from the 30th of October in a DVD form.

The set list comprises all the band’s best moments, such as “Soulreaper,” “Where Dead Angels Lie,” “Unhallowed,” “The Somberlain,” and “Night’s Blood” to name a few. Additionally there are also, by that time, the new track “Maha Kali” and the cover version of Tormentor’s “Elizabeth Bathori.”

“Maha Kali” is a mid-tempo and melodic song with a fantastic groove about the Indian mother-goddess of disillusion. It was recorded inside prison on extremely limited equipment, and still entered the singles charts in Sweden proving the dedication of Dissection’s fans.

The DVD menus are well designed, following the dark and evil philosophy of Dissection. The very good sound quality brings the viewer into the front rows where the fans were totally packed in! The addition of some visual effects enriches the film’s direction, but it’s pretty much the standard without anything special.

In the DVD extras, one can find a Photo Gallery, a very interesting personal interview with Jon Nödtveidt covering almost everything a die hard fan would like to know, and the video clip “Starless Aeon” coming from the last album.

Nödtveidt managed to endure the prison years, channeling all of his feelings towards music creation. This fact was recognized by the fans that had been supporting him during those years … and they finally met each other on the 30th of October via a most energetic show.

So, all who are into the Göthenburg sound in its prime form and are not familiar with Dissection should buy this DVD by all means … and spend some headbanging time watching it. Dissection will play a couple of exclusive North American dates before officially splitting for the second time.


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