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Release Date: November 8, 2004

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Sweden’s purveyors of blackened death were highly regarded despite releasing only two full-length studio albums, the latter, of which, Storm of the Light’s Bane, was released nearly 10 years ago. Dissection have chosen to reintroduce themselves via a two-track sampler that offers an update on a classic song, as well as a glimpse of what the newborn band has in mind.

The frightful serpent-tongued goddess that adorns the cover is the subject of the title track “Maha Kali,” a Hindu deity not known for her kind, gentle nature. In contrast to the track’s wicked heroine, the song itself is considerably slower and more melodic than might be expected.

Other twists include a reverent spoken word oratory taken from a 1700’s era devotee named Ramprasad, that nearly turns the track into a love song, and a chorus of native tribal-sounding young ladies paying homage to the fearsome femme fatale.

For long time fans, the second track, “Unhallowed,” may be more what the pathologist ordered, but this is to be expected because it is a slight reworking of the same track from the aforementioned Storm … Originally tabbing another legend for their reformation, former Emperor drummer Bard “Faust” Eithun, the new Dissection now includes founding guitarist/vocalist Jon Nodtveidt, and a wide array of Metal talent, including Aborym guitarist Set Teitan, bassist Brice Leclercq from Nightrage, and Dark Funeral drummer Tomas Asklund, aptly filling Bard’s vacated throne. Of course, the revamped Dissection does not sound exactly like any of these bands, and only the forthcoming full release will tell whether or not the band will stay true to form or slice into a completely fresh cadaver. Even more impressive than the “all-star” lineup is the fact that the guitars and vocals on “Maha Kali” were recorded behind prison walls!

Watch for the band’s new full-length offering as well as a live DVD filmed at their October 2004 comeback performance in Stockholm.

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