ERIC ADAMS & CHESTER MOORE – Wild Life & Wild Times

ERIC ADAMS & CHESTER MOORE - Wild Life & Wild Times


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Release date: July 18, 2006

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Well here’s one you don’t see every day — a hunting DVD mixed in with a music DVD! Maybe not a music DVD, per se, but it does host a well-known Metal vocalist who enjoys hunting. Eric Adams is the singer in the band Manowar, whose hobby happens to be hunting. Chester Moore is an writer who writes about hunting for a living, whose hobby is being a Heavy Metal musician. Chester’s career as an outdoor writer started back in 1992 when he won an essay contest sponsored by the state of Texas. He won a lifetime hunting and fishing license. Chester writes for more than two dozen publications. He’s an outdoor editor for two newspapers, and a saltwater editor for Texas Fish and Game magazine. He also hosts a show on a news talk radio station from Beaumont, Texas.

Chester went to see Manowar in Dallas, Texas during the Warriors of the World tour. He thought it would be great to do a story on Manowar. The two found out that they have a common interest during the interview session — that being hunting. They went hunting together, and from being teamed up in about ten hunts or so, it yielded an inevitable friendship.

This DVD unfortunately concentrates mostly on hunting and the variety of animals and fish the two catch (actually kill is a better description) together. Musically, it is lacking. There are no videos of Manowar or Eric performing any songs on it at all. It only has a 10-song set in the Bonus section on the DVD where you can listen to all of the songs in succession, or choose which ones you would like to hear individually. Also in the Bonus section, one can find bloopers, and a slide show of song selections previously mentioned. There is only one disc and the main program (the hunting portion) duration is 82 minutes in length. The Bonus section duration is 37 minutes in length.

If hunting is your bag, you will find this DVD very informative, actually. It can teach a person quite a bit in a little amount of time. It shows just how involved hunting is and that you cannot just go out with a weapon of choice and start killing randomly without knowing something about the animal or fish you are trying to pursue in your hunting endeavor. The DVD is full of valuable hunting knowledge regarding a large variety of animals. Here are the different topics the guys spend time on. Rams, Rams II, Bow Fishing, Emu, Preseason Scouting, King Salmon, King Salmon II, Turkey, Ducks & Geese, Snakes, Bull Redfish, Buffalo, Catalina Goat, Elk, Wild Boar, Wild Boar II, Pigs, and Deer. The important thing to remember is that while you are out there hunting, the animal in most cases in turn is also hunting you.

One very important aspect that Chester and Eric mention at the end is that they eat what they kill. That is part of the ethical hunter. If you are not going to eat what you catch and kill, then donate it to a soup kitchen or to someone who can use it so it doesn’t go to waste unnecessarily. It is interesting to see how much hunting can be done in the State of Texas and the variety of exotic animals that are situated in the Eastern part of the State.


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