BLOODFLOWERZ – Dark Love Poems

BLOODFLOWERZ - Dark Love Poems


Silverdust Records
Release date: June 26, 2006

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The third release by Bloodflowerz, Dark Love Poems, gives Goth Rock lovers something juicy to sink their teeth into. Metal fans can feed on the heavy guitars and underlying aggressiveness, while the Pop melodies and vocal panache should gratify the more commercial mainstream.

Kirsten Zahn’s stylish vocals are at the heart of the Bloodflowerz sound and make for a heavenly balance with the heavy instrumentation. She sings in a breathy, precise manner; delicate, but strong at the right times, with an eccentric quality not unlike Sinead O’Connor, but softer. The vocals exude a sad passion in front of an aggressive rhythm section, invoking melodramatic moods from angst to anger to resolve.

Since the band’s second album two years prior, Dark Love Poems finds the band with a new guitarist, Jochen Laser, and bassist, Jan Beckmann. Tim Schwarz returns on drums, showing his strength with heavy tomtom patterns. The three, along with well-arranged keyboard parts (credit unknown), deliver an ample range of the heavy and the atmospheric to suit Zahn’s vocal centerpieces.

What’s more, the shalm makes an appearance, played by Birgit Muggenthaler, on “Anthem for a Stranger.” That being one of the best songs on the album, an exotic verse is combined with an ear-candy chorus. Plus, the major-key feel is a nice contrast from the other tunes. “Damaged Promises” epitomizes the soul-crushed disposition of the Bloodflowerz basic style. “Violent Voices” has a Smashing Pumpkins feel juxtaposed with Kirsten’s tender vocal melodies and harmonies. Further along — the album gets better as it goes on — “Dark Angel” is another highlight that demonstrates Kirsten’s vocal poise. The acoustic guitar and keyboard arrangements on that song add to the dreamy quality and really make it shine.

Dark Love Poems is impressive primarily thanks to Kirsten’s charisma, although the instrumentation is tight and powerful, with a moving Metal edge. Those strictly seeking musical/lyrical intellectualism or technical complexity, however, should look elsewhere. The songwriting, while conventional, has a fundamental charm and candor, and will likely appeal the most to a young audience that favors a young, female singer. But, Bloodflowerz should not be overlooked by anyone who appreciates emotive Goth/Rock/Pop with a hard edge.


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