MOTÖRHEAD – Orgasmatron [Deluxe Expanded Edition]

MOTÖRHEAD - Orgasmatron [Deluxe Expanded Edition]


Sanctuary Records Group
Release date: June 2, 2006

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It was 1986 when Lemmy Kilmister was interviewed for the now defunct Metal Radio program Metal-Shop. When asked about the title to the then new Motörhead release, Orgasmatron, Lemmy said he didn’t exactly know what an Orgasmatron was, only that he woke up in the dead of night with the lyric “I am the one, Orgasmatron.” He quickly wrote the thought down on some paper by the side of his bed. When he awoke in the morning, he had no idea the meaning behind the lyric; but he had a new song, which would become the title track to a now classic Motörhead album.

Now Sanctuary Records celebrates the twenty year anniversary of the release with a 2-disc Deluxe Expanded Edition of the famed Orgasmatron. Included in the package, besides the re-mastered original disc, are the 12” B-Side releases of “On The Road” & “Steal Your Face,” an alternate version to the song “Claw,” and The Kerrang Wooargh Weekender performance from October 15th, 1984. Included in that performance are such classics as “Killed By Death,” “Ace of Spades,” and “Bomber.” A loud and aggressive performance with little dialogue between songs, this is a shinning example of the type of show that made Motörhead a staple in the live Metal scene.

Orgasmatron was produced by Bill Laswell, who was better known for his work with Pop icons such as Mick Jagger and Peter Gabriel. Laswell was able to refine the Motörhead sound without taking away too much of the grit and grime that have always defined the band. Orgasmatron would also feature a new lineup; drummer Phil Taylor was replaced with one-time Saxon stick handler Pete Gill. Where the band had previously featured a one guitar regime, they now sported two axemen, Phil Campbell and Mike Burston, better know as “Wurzel.” This twin axis of string-maestros thickened up the sound and added a new dimension to the band.

Ultimately, it was the songs that made this album such a classic. “Nothing Up My Sleeve” picks up right where “Ace of Spades” leaves off with its bass-riff intro. “Claw” is another all-out-assault, with its thrashing double bass and quick guitar riffing. The title track, which to this day is standard in the live set, is an in-your-face anthem of rebellion that rails against the world’s hierarchy.

At the time of its release, Motörhead was widely viewed to possibly be at the end of their career, but with the release of Orgasmatron, the band once again solidified themselves as a main contender in the Metal scene, where they still reign supreme almost thirty years after their inception. Not as highly regarded as many of the early albums, most notably in chart position and sales, Orgasmatron was a pivotal stepping stone in the band’s career and is very worthy of its remastered release. With the bonus disc and the nice packaging, this is certainly a disc worth revisiting.


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