THE BLACK CROWES – Freak ‘n’ Roll…Into the Fog: The Black Crowes All Join Hands, The Fillmore, San Francisco

THE BLACK CROWES - Freak 'n' Roll...Into the Fog: The Black Crowes All Join Hands, The Fillmore, San Francisco


Eagle Vision USA
Release date: April 21, 2006

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There are fateful times when the planets align and the universe comes together in one perfect moment. The Black Crowes Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco is one of those moments. Freak ‘N’ Roll … Into the Fog is exactly the DVD the Black Crowes were destined to make. Shot in August of 2005 at five sold out nights on their reunion tour, Freak N Roll is the perfect synopsis of the last fifteen years of the Robinson Brothers and Company.

Shot in Hi-Definition with 5.1 Surround Sound, it is like being right there with the band. Notwithstanding the hi-tech quality of the film, it feels as intimate as a home movie. The stage set is a simple backdrop, with dozens of electric candles and some groovy rugs, creating an ambiance that harkens back to the early days of the Fillmore East; very appropriate as the Crowes are one of the few bands with a Classic Rock sound who are still performing today.

As the band members saunter onto the stage and begin picking up their instruments, it is apparent that this isn’t going to be a “pomp and circumstance” show; no video screens, no flash-pots, just pure unadulterated Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Launching right into “(Only) Halfway to Everywhere,” the band sounds fantastic, tight, and punchy, yet laid back with a phat-back-beat that has everyone in the audience bopping in time. Then it is on through the band’s catalog for the next two and half hours; of course, striking on hits like “Jealous Again,” “Remedy,” and a beautiful acoustic “She Talks to Angels.” Amorica b-side “Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz” is a real gem, as well as the covers of “Space Captain” and “The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down.”

Guitarists Rich Robinson and Marc Ford are absolutely phenomenal throughout the performance, from chunky Rock rhythms to sweet acoustic lullabies, their virtuoso abilities are awe-inspiring. Both guitarists compliment each other well, knowing when to hold down a flowing rhythm or when to take the spotlight and shine. Longtime drummer Steve Gorman is as solid as ever, and paces the show extremely well. Eddie Hawrysch plays keys and Sven Pipien holds down the bass. The performance also features The Left Coast Horns, as well as two dynamic female back up vocalists, Mona Lisa Young and Charity White.

Long, slow close-ups and lingering shots from across the room separate this video from today’s crush of MTV-style videos; the camera lets the music speak for itself. The editing is simple and lends itself to the timeless performances of yesteryear. Peppered throughout the disc are shots of the band walking the steep hills of San Francisco, and rehearsing in the dressing room as the sounds of the city echo through the open window. The video is grainy and formatted like an old Super 8 camera, which lends itself to the idea that this band is deeply connected to its roots.

Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson’s famous actress wife, shows up in a few scenes. One scene shows her applying make up to the band before they go out under the lights, reminiscent of her role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

When the six men who are The Black Crowes take the stage, they don’t offer up any false façade or cheap distraction to the job at hand. They strip it all down to the bare essence; the true garage days revisited, with a little mood lighting. This is a must-have video for Black Crowes fans, or any Rock ‘n’ Roll fan for that matter; a true performance piece with style and passion.


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