EDEN’S LIE – Eden’s Lie

EDEN'S LIE - Eden's Lie


Kivel Records
Release date: May 9, 2006

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New Hampshire, USA-based Eden’s Lie was formed in 1995. They have become a staple of New England’s nightlife, as they continue to steadily tour their home boundaries while reaching outwards. The band has four independent releases to their credit, with the oldest dating back to 1998. The new, self-titled CD is being distributed through New York-based Kivel Records, a label that has had an onslaught of Hard Rock releases in the last several months. John Kivel is giving the band the “red carpet treatment,” as he is treating this release as their debut release with a CD release party, extensive promotion, etc … So, it’s with good reason that the band decided to take the self-titled approach and treat the moment as a new beginning.

The music on Eden’s Lie has more of a straight-ahead, Modern Rock sound than other Kivel Records releases. Jeff Richards is the band’s founder, frontman, and main songwriter, and he consciously strives for writing lyrics about life’s experiences, while maintaining a positive outlook. This is not to say there’s a heavy Christian theme presented here (perhaps other than “Faith Keeper”), just non-Doom and Gloom lyrics that might be considered atypical compared to a sizable percentage of Modern Rock releases.

Highlights include “Endless Days,” which has a faster upbeat tempo and has guitarist Michael Pickens getting a chance to unleash a killer buzz saw solo. “This Time,” with its heavier guitar riff lines and nice offbeat signature, unfortunately for guitar freaks, no guitar lead of any sort. “Chase Away,” which permeates with an Enuff Z’Nuff/Off Broadway vibe due to its tempo and guitar fills/effects, which are very reminiscent of the late Derek Frigo (Enuff Z’Nuff). “Aligned,” with its nicely harmonized choruses and positive, upbeat tempo … so much so, it almost comes across as a “happy dance” song. “Wait,” for the strong vocal performance delivered by Richards, and, of course, some nice compressed-sounding guitar fills and riffs by Pickens.

Label mates Ty Sims and Erik Johnson from Bombay Black handled the production on this initial offering from Eden’s Lie. Surprisingly, based on the sound of Bombay Black’s latest album, this release, by comparison, has less of an “in-your-face” guitar sound. Perhaps, in the end, that has more to do with the make-up of Eden’s Lie versus actual production philosophies.

Bottom line, this CD is a very commendable and unique sounding Modern Hard Rock “debut” release. The music is focused more on song structure and conveys slightly less focus on the guitar, unfortunately, since Pickens sounds like a competent solo player. Overall, the music is very accessible and could do quite well on the FM airwaves. So, if you’re looking for a more straight ahead musical approach, without a lot of unnecessary frills (e.g., keyboards, synthesizers, etc.), then this one is for you!


Jeff Richards – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums*
Michael Pickens – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ed Nicolaides – Bass, Vocals
Larry Williams – Drums, Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Scott Rif Miller – Solos on “Here” and “Standing Still”
*Jeff Richards – Drums for recording sessions of this release only


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