BOMBAY BLACK – Anger Management

BOMBAY BLACK - Anger Management


Kivel Records
Release date: April 28, 2006

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“Bombay Black” is the name for a type of East Indian Hash … got your attention, didn’t it? However, Bombay Black (the band from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA) drew inspiration for their band name from a trip to an office supply store where it’s actually a color of fountain ink. Atypically though, this Arkansas band didn’t grow up picking to the sounds of typical Southwestern musical influences like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, and the likes … nope, this quartet’s influences range from Metal bands like Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Pantera, and Ozzy Osbourne. Anger Management represents their sophomore release on the Kivel Records label, as well as being produced, once again, by very production-capable bandmates Sims and Johnson.

Anger Management is an interesting release as Bombay Black has found a way to take an 80’s-era Metal framework and embellish it with Modern, almost Pop, Rock elements and pull it off quite successfully. Case in point, opener “Without You” is a mid-tempo stomp Rocker that owes its tempo to Johnson and Perry’s buzz saw guitars, only to be accompanied by a rather “Pop-ish” multi-tracked chorus. The track is also surprisingly replete with back-up vocals composed of “Oohs” as well as the ever-seemingly present Metal guitars. It sounds like a slightly ridiculous amalgam of diverse musical elements, but it works to make for some interesting, memorable music! “Out Of Your Mind” is one of the many highlights that fit this uniqueness to a tee. This track starts out with a Zakk Wylde-like riff and a rhythm section with a heavy bottom end … and then that distinct chorus chimes in. The splendid Melodic Pop-like chorus changes the tone ever so slightly until the scorching lead fills remind you that this is a Hard Rock release. The complete package makes for a very catchy tune. “Forget About It” is also another catchy tune that rides at a slightly faster pace, but has a slightly weaker chorus than “Out Of Your Mind.”

Surprisingly, for a Hard Rock band, Bombay Black could actually cull a few bona fide US Radio hits off this release, if they were so inclined to release singles. Prime candidates “Every Time I Miss You,” “You Know That I Will,” and “Smile” all qualify with their strong, smooth hook lines and commercial overtones.

The only real complaint that can be found within this splendid release is the band’s lyrical approach. The lyrics are somewhat simple and follow typical locker room language (e.g. references to “two dollar whore,” “my monkey’s spanked,” and “I piss in a cup,” etc.), and are not necessarily concerned with meshing the lyrics into the song structure as much as getting their basic point across, even being a bit comical at times. Because of this, some circles might not take the band as seriously as they should.

No doubt about it, this disc is full of melody, strong openings, strong choruses, and some crunch guitars. It truly is a commendable release of Hard Rock/Metal. Just be warned if you’re the type that really focuses on the lyrics … to the point that simple lyrical content can ruin your enjoyment … then move on. Otherwise, pick this one up and enjoy one distinct Hard Rock sound full of memorable, non-mushy choruses and some prime guitar work!


Erik Johnson – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Production
Ty Sims – Bass, Vocals, Production
Jim Perry – Guitar, Vocals
Rob McCauley – Drums, Vocals

Also of interest … take a look at Metal Express Radio’s print interview with Erik Johnson — lead vocalist, guitarist, and writer of Bombay Black!


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