TED POLEY – Collateral Damage

TED POLEY - Collateral Damage


Kivel Records
Release date: March 27, 2006

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Vocalist Ted Poley is best known for his contribution to the early years of the late 80’s band Danger, Danger. His work there is best epitomized by the near Gold status of Danger, Danger’s debut, which heralded classic hits like “Naughty Naughty” and “Bang Bang.” Since the Danger, Danger years, Poley had slightly less success in bands like Bone Machine, Melodica, and Poley/Pichler. Then in a surprise move in February of 2006, Poley and Kivel Records posted a press release announcing the availability of a new Poley solo effort in March of 2006. Announced was Collateral Damage, which has been one of the most hyped and anticipated Melodic Rock releases of 2006. Thankfully, the release doesn’t disappoint and should meet the expectations of both Poley and early Danger, Danger fans.

The release is ten tracks of Hard Rock goodness with only one track, “Let Go,” being a true, bona-fide ballad. The remaining nine tracks are stable, slightly melodic, mid-tempo Rock-infused songs with unobtrusive choruses and commendable guitar leads. Speaking of which, Poley and John Kivel (Kivel Records) brought in some heavy-duty help for this release on guitars. With enough guest guitarists to fill the infield of a Major League Baseball team, they managed to sequester the assistance of Vic Rivera (Adraingale), Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Andy Timmons (Danger, Danger), Xavier Paladian (Snake Eye), and Kenneth Kristiansen. Surprisingly, having so many different guitarists worked very well on this release, as they all kept true to the Ted Poley Melodic Rock feel and sound. Of the bunch, newcomer Xavier Paladian is garnering a lot of attention, and rightfully so, for his contribution on “Endgame.” This track is the heaviest of the release and Xavier adds a nice, to-the-point, shred-infused solo.

Highlights abound on this release. From tracks like “Curtain Call” and “Maybe,” which are slightly more mellow, but still maintain a distinguishable chorus … to rockier moments like “Endgame,” “Hero Falling,” and “Heads Up (Look Out Below!).” All succeed due to a winning formula of Poley’s strong, distinct vocal performance, straight Rock approach, gritty production, subtle melodies, and memorable guitar antics. Also, special mention needs to be afforded to the CD cover’s artwork, as this remains one of the most original, attention grabbing and, quite literally, seemingly innocent covers of the year. It’s kind of like a multi-car traffic accident … you can’t help but to look at it.

Bottom line, end to end this is a solid Hard Rock release that should please all fans of Melodic Rock that like their music “shaken not stirred.” The years have been kind to Ted as he sounds as strong as his Danger, Danger years. This CD stands as a must buy for Melodic Rock fans!


Ted Poley – Vocals
Alex Salz – Keyboards
Vic Rivera – Drums and Bass

Guest Musicians:
Vic Rivera – All Ryhthm Guitars – Solo on “Heads Up (Look Out Below!),” “Curtain Call,”” Hero Falling”
Andy Timmons – Intro, Main and Outro Solo on “Yea U Want It”
Bill Leverty – Solo on “Maybe”
Pete Lesperance – Solo on “Rise,” “Breathing Doll”
Xavier Paladian – Solo on “Endgame”
Kenneth E Kristiansen – Solo on “Good Enough”


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