THE TANGENT – A Place In The Queue

THE TANGENT - A Place In The Queue


Release date: February 6, 2006

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With their third album, A Place In The Queue, The Tangent evolves into a more defined unit, and it would also be fair to say they transform from Swedish-British to British-Swedish, since Andy Tillison is “finally free” from Roine Stolt.

The mastodon album clocks in at nearly 79 minutes, during which time The Tangent dwell with life’s resemblance to a queue. For those who can’t get enough, there is even a special edition of the album with a bonus disc full of more music written for the same sessions (although omitted because it didn’t fit the concept).

The Music

Speaking of the music, The Tangent offers a strange blend of familiar, Classic/Progressive Rock ingredients with more modern beats and soundscapes, topped with truly intriguing lyrics. At its best, the music is vibrant and vital with a lot of presence. At the same time, however, there is a laid-back, British coolness to the music, which sometimes reduces the music’s momentum. This phenomenon appears only during some of the longer vocal passages, which seem to spring out from defined melodic platforms, but without landing firmly, hence sort of dissolving in mid air.

The vocal passages are, on the other hand, rich on metaphors and amusing images, especially the brilliant “Lost In London” and the concluding suite “A Place In The Queue.”

The impatient are rewarded, as the first track, “In Earnest,” pretty much peaks the album at its onset with its honest and joyful travel across genres and moods into the core of music: soul. There are also other soulful songs onboard, with “Lost In London,” “Follow Your Leaders,” and “A Place In The Queue” perhaps being the most memorable examples.

The Band

Dynamic is a word that fits The Tangent well, regardless if it’s the music itself or the interplay between the members. Of special note, the interplay between guitarist Krister Jonsson and keyboardist/singer Andy Tillison is remarkable! It bears witness of careful arrangements, of course, but never at the expense of the vitality of the music, which by the way, is blessed with a warm live feeling.

Both Jonsson and Tillison deserve a moment in the spotlight for their individual performances, as well. Jonsson for his straight out awesome concluding solo in “Follow Your Leaders,” and Tillison for his all over melodic, dynamic, and innovative (yet almost retrospective) keyboard work.

A moment in the spotlight is well earned by Theo Travis, too! His woodwind work is beautifully spine chilling, in particular the soprano sax solo in an early phase of “A Place In The Queue” (man! what a tone, what a tone!). By the way, Travis’ collective contribution to this album is worth a review on its own!

The Verdict

There is a certain atmosphere to A Place In The Queue, an atmosphere with a most fascinating content. Although the material lacks momentum from time to time (some of the songs stretch out beyond conception and singer Tillison at times fails to convey the dynamic associated with the rest of the band and its material) this is an album worth checking out. Chances are good that after a while A Place In The Queue will grow mighty big on you. Hats off to The Tangent for a vital Progressive Rock album!


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