MALPRACTICE – Deviation From The Flow


Spinefarm Records
Release Date: November 9, 2005

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Malpractice started out as a Trash Metal quintet in Kouvola (Finland) back in 1994. Still, with this year’s album, Deviation From The Flow, their discography only counts two full-length releases, plus a handful of demos and EP’s. Furthermore, members have come and gone, leaving only two from the original line-up. Also … their style has changed from Thrash to more Progressive orientated Metal.

The Music
With emphasis on Metal, Malpractice unveil a talent for Progressive music. Their music is often built around punchy, groovy guitar riffs and the (near) absence of keyboards is as unusual as it is liberating: they form an expression with identity and energy and with less of the sentiment often imposed by the ebony and ivory keys.

On the other hand, the Progressive elements are less pronounced than with other bands in the genre. One could describe their music as more song orientated. In this lies a huge potential in “winning over” the average skeptic of Progressive Metal! The eight songs making up Deviation From The Flow all have individual qualities, but looking for highlights, songs like “Assembly Line,” “Colours In Between,” “Expedition,” and “Circles In The Sand” easily spring to mind.

A Malpractice trademark is the extensive use of harmony vocals. At times, this adds depth and rare complexity to the music, while other times it limits their true expression. It seems much of the harmony vocals are done by singer Mika Uronen, and oftentimes one man lacks the ability to add substantial, individual character to each voice. Duets are rarely a problem, but more than two voices and the outcome becomes flat and sadly short of dimension.

The Band
The present day line-up of Malpractice is indeed very well comprised and bears no justice whatsoever to the name! Individually strong, they form a unified and refreshingly collective sound. Particularly worth mentioning is the flawless, elegant, and dynamic interplay between guitarists Joonas Koto and Markus Vanhala.

The Verdict
Malpractice might be the missing link between Metal and Progressive Rock. With all ingredients to make a memorable album present, they ought to be appreciated by diehard followers of both styles, as well as those merely drifting by from time to time. The much elaborated extensive vocal harmonies are easily forgiven, and the album has got good potential to grow on you.


  • Frode Leirvik

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