SEVENTH KEY – Live In Atlanta

SEVENTH KEY - Live In Atlanta


Frontiers Records
Release date: November 7, 2005

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Granted, on first glance this release does not have a lot going for it. Seventh who(?), and not another live album, are the first obvious thoughts. Well, at least it’s not mentioning orchestrations on the cover. After digging a bit deeper and seeing that this is a solo project from Billy Greer, the bass player from Kansas, it starts getting interesting. The specialness does not stop there. This whole show was the one and only show Seventh Key has ever played and it was performed in front of invitation only crowd. The rest of who weren’t there are now given a chance to experience the band live as well.

If the modest crowd cheering at the end of the songs were mixed away, this could pass as a studio album … that’s how clear the sound is. The only giveaways that this is a live recording are the aforementioned cheers, a couple of introductions done by Greer, and the few differences in song arrangements. On paper, that may not sound so good, but when listened to in your stereo, all those little details actually make this whole release more appealing, and somehow add a warm and welcoming quality to the whole production. Like you’re witnessing something special, which indeed you are.

Seventh Key has released two studio albums so far, and on this live release, they play tracks from both of those. The show starts with the up-tempo “The Sun Will Rise,” which will have you thinking that you must have just missed the opening of their show, since no band starts off this geared up. That is followed up by the single from their newest album The Raging Fire, called “An Ocean Away,” which benefits from the first of the too few introductions from Greer. By now, you have gotten a dose of those scorching guitar solos … there are many more to come that settle in with that keyboard sound and tie together the whole soundscape quite nicely.

“It Should Have Been You,” one of the highlights of the album, starts off with a sound not far from Foreigner, only to switch over to Journey-land by the time it reaches the chorus. This is a track Journey wish they wrote.

“Sin City,” a road song, and “The Kid Could Play,” another road-related song, both introduce a more Rockier sound. The keyboards on “Sin City” have echoes of Deep Purple, and the guitar solo introduces a bit of a Van Halen feel to the song. Mixing those two together with the personal touch of Seventh Key adds a mystical feel to the song.

The acoustic ballad, “Forsaken,” which is helped along by appearances from both Billy’s brother Johnny on guitar and mandolin, and by another Kansas associate, Robby Steinhardt, on violin is another album highlight. Billy’s vocals are pushed to the front and that acoustic guitar is so clear that you can almost hear the air swoosh between Johnny’s fingers. Adding the violin in with the mandolin just takes one’s breath away … that’s how beautiful it sounds.

The anthem-like “Only The Brave” with it’s short drum solo could have been edited out, but that’s the only complaint worth mentioning. Every live show needs a restroom/bar break, right?

In addition to the actual show, this CD has three bonus studio tracks. “The Storm Rages On” is a fast-tempo song with a catchy rhythm that highlights that scorching guitar once again. “Remember You Well” is like an up-tempo, long-lost Billy Joel track with only a different Billy on vocals. The last bonus track, “Love Train,” ends the album with a Bluesy touch.

Live in Atlanta is also available on DVD, featuring some interviews and band videos, as well. Whichever version you choose, you’re still getting a memorable show from a band that surely is bound to skyrocket to the top of your AOR favorites list.


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