BALTIMOORE – Fanatical

BALTIMOORE - Fanatical


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Release date: August 19, 2005

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Björn Lodin has been in the music business since 1987, when he named his solo project Baltimoore and released his first album There’s No Danger On The Roof after two years. The positive reaction of the album and his distinct voice brought him very close to joining Krokus, but soon after some rehearsals, Lodin realized that the pitch was too high for him to handle.

Baltimoore continued to exist with an unsteady roster, releasing Freak, Double Density, and Thought for Food. The latter two albums were the product of Lodin’s collaboration with guitar virtuoso Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot), and gained a great deal of publicity, especially in the Asian market.

During Lodin’s battle against his drinking problem, he released Original Sin, experimenting with songs comprising Jazz and Folk Music influences. The band’s return in full force was marked by the release of a “best of” compilation (all the songs were re-recorded), and of a tribute album containing cover songs of their favorites.

Fanatical is the product of a new lineup, featuring 10 songs written by Lodin and guitarist Mankan Sedenberg. The sound brings one back to the mid-80s, with some very good Hard Rock melodies and straightforward songwriting. Lodin’s Bluesy, harsh voice fits perfectly with the guitar riffs, and with the strong support of his own crystal clear sound production.

“Fanatical” is the album opener; a perfect Hard Rock treat to everyone that is into the Van Halen meets AC/DC sound. The twin guitar arrangement works perfectly with the emotional, raw, and edgy vocals. The AC/DC influences are even more evident in the next song, “My Number 1,” that starts with an Angus Young riff, leading to a very good guitar solo. “Outer Me” is a mid-tempo song where someone can even find Zakk Wylde’s vibrato on the very good rhythm guitars. “Give Me What You’ve Got” brings back all the AC/DC influences, while “A Set Sight of Dreams” finds its place in a music dictionary beside the term “Hard Rock,” and is covered with Rainbow’s guitar atmosphere. The best vocal melody lines can be found in “Wishes and Reality,” a song that gives the impression that this line up has been together for years. “Kiss Me” and “You Touch Me And I’m Healing” can stir up every audience’s enthusiasm with the groovy rhythm section. “Are You Coming Or Not” proves that Lodin’s name can be in the list of the best Metal voices among Glenn Hughes, Jörn Lande, Russell Allen, and Joe Lynn Turner. The album closes with “On The Inside,” reminding of Rainbow’s last days in Strange In Us All, when Ritchie Blackmoore was writing music in the Metal way.

Baltimoore’s 7th album will definitely draw the attention of all the Metalheads that look up to bands like AC/DC, Van Halen, Deep Purple, and Rainbow. All the others can check out some of the album’s songs via the Metal Express Radio Jukebox, or submit a request to the MER DJ in order to be convinced of the band’s worth. The proper way to close this review is to imagine Dio singing “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll!”


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