PRAYER – Wrong Address

PRAYER - Wrong Address


Escape Music
Release date: 2005

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Prayer doesn’t hit the jackpot with their debut album, Wrong Address. This is a typical AOR band with an 11-track average CD, which listeners will get tired of after a few spins. These six guys from Finland’s dark woods are inspired by the rock scene from the golden years – the 80s.

Tapani Tikkanen, the vocalist, has written all of the songs on this debut. He isn’t new to the game — he started in the 80s with the band IC-Rock, and later Tanna. During this period, he sold about 20,000 records. Then, he had a break for several years before he started Prayer in 2003 with Jari Huvila.

There is not much excitement surrounding this release; their music is a cross between Scorpions and Bon Jovi from back in the 80s. It is just too sweet and boring, and it lacks the attitude and nerve. The band doesn’t create anything new to the rock scene –- this stuff has been played by others many times before. Then again, the music doesn’t stink, it is just without imagination.

Even though they are no superstars, Tikkanene has joined many others when riding the wave back in the 80s. He has got some solid band members with him, and in particular, the guitarists perform some great riffs on several songs. What is missing are better arrangements and some killer choruses to make the listener want more.

The album, which was released in July 2005, includes up-tempo and mid–tempo songs. The vocals fits the up–tempo songs very well, but during the slower songs, it sounds like Tikkanen struggles to fit the music. It’s a bit irritating, but then again, the singer gets a plus for his English accent — he doesn’t sound as bad as many other European singers.

Out of these 11 tracks, are there 3 songs which are good. “Main Attraction,” “Caught In The Crossfire,” and the opener, “Secrets Of The Night.” Prayer has got a lot to grow around, and they have enormous potential with their music skills … they just need songs with some attitude! Maybe this debut was no masterpiece, but hopefully next album will be filled with some real heavy interaction. Prayer needs to show a brand new face, and to get away from all of the cliches they are imprisoned by right now. Better luck next time …!


Tapani Tikkanen (vocals, guitar)
Jaakko Pohjola (bass)
Mikko Kuusiniemi (guitar)
Markku Keski-Mäenpää (guitar)
Eki Ekfors (drums)
Jari Huvila (keyboards)


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