HOLY MOSES – Finished With The Dogs [Remastered]

HOLY MOSES - Finished With The Dogs [Remastered]


Armageddon Music / Soulfood
Release date: August 5, 2005

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Holy Moses have been around for more than 20 years and it shows on their most recent re-released album, Finished With The Dogs. It’s mean, it’s raw, it’s brutal, it’s Old School Thrash Metal! Not very surprising because this one was originally recorded in 1987.

Being translated into an actual setting, this would be an obvious counter attack on the growing X-Mas frenzy! During the quiet and happy holidays at the end of the year, the German Thrashers were putting their musical vehicle into an automatic drive gear. With only three tracks touching the four minute mark, Holy Moses count on speedy riffing, powerful grunting, and the drum tracks might give a hint at how the guy whirling the sticks must look alike.

The second song, “Current of Death,” is shaking the tree tremendously, and Santa might fall through the chimney just by listening to it, while asking himself “Is that really a woman shouting there?!” — “Of course I am, old man!” Sabina Classen might answer, while Santa falls to the ground.

By song number three, “Criminal Assault,” drunk reindeer might be starting a mosh-pit on the roof, leaving some special gifts in your gutters. Happy Holidays!

Finished With The Dogs is clearly reflecting the spirit of X-Mas (sarcasm!): there’s not a single ballad on this long player. Actually, that’s good for somebody being overfed with half-assed generic well-wishers like the gay-ish Last Christmas by Wham (reality!).

The next track (now they’re going over to the pleasant part of the holidays), “Six Fat Women,” sounds like somebody found a chainsaw under the tree, and got to work right away — nice shredding and pace-changing. Sort of like, line up and bang, there goes the Rain Forrest!

Every track could be described in a similar fashion. The only “bad” thing about this album is the fact that it is simply exhausting for somebody who is not too deep into Thrash Metal. But, genre and Holy Moses fans know what they’ll get for their bucks … and the sound of this re-release is excellent.

As a goodie on this one there are four live tracks, which show that Holy Moses knows their business on stage as well. During their live appearances, they turn a special focus towards their limited (but very fine) melody and soloing.

This album was re-released at the same time with The New Machine Of Liechtenstein, an album originally recorded in 1989. All in all, a very special present!


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