MOTÖRHEAD – Stage Fright

MOTÖRHEAD - Stage Fright


Release date: July 18, 2005

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2005 marks Motörhead’s 30th anniversary – may it be 30 more – and the ‘heads have decided to mark this with the release of a double DVD package. It contains a full take of the band’s gig in Düsseldorf’s “Philipshalle,” a performance showing the band in rather gay spirits, playing a mixture of older or newer hits, fresh material, and more unknown gems.

After the legendary introduction — “Good evening. We are Motörhead. We play rock ‘n’ roll.” — things kick off with Dr. Rock, and this stuff sure as hell will get you moving … it’s an awesome version of an equally awesome track. “Stay Clean” and “Shoot You In the Back” follow, and all of you who’ve experienced this band live before know exactly what this looks and sounds like. Still, when it comes to the visual side of things, the camera crew has to be mentioned because they have done a very good job. Songs like the mighty “In the Name of Tragedy” especially benefits from this, resulting in an extremely energetic package of sonic and visual impacts.

The band continues with compulsory tracks like “Metropolis,” “No Class,” “Sacrifice,” “Iron Fist,” and “Killed By Death,” before the legendary ending of “Ace of Spades” and “Overkill” … but in between you’ll find several (pleasant) surprises. How about Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee brushing the dust of their acoustics for a rendition of the brand new “Whorehouse Blues” –- dig that title –- and two tracks from what Lemmy introduces as “our worst album ever,” namely Another Perfect Day with “Dancing On Your Grave” and “I Got Mine.” Both are solid songs, though, and the crowd doesn’t seem to mind –- they scream on and make for a very good atmosphere throughout.

Also, there’s a very energetic performance of “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” –- Motörhead’s tribute to the legendary Punk act — along with rock solid performances by all three band members, the compulsory drum solo, and the unbelievably irritating look of Philip Augustus Campbell III wearing his black knitted hat.

The extras contain a rather interesting commentary track, where you actually get to see the band when they speak –- a fascinating sight indeed –- and plenty of interview and backstage material. Quite a lot of this is dedicated to the band’s road crew, probably due to Lemmy’s history as a former roadie. Also, you have to check out the interview with the band’s chef, who in detail complains about the band not wanting to eat their veggies for dinner.

An excellent release, and of course every true Motörhead fan already owns this by now.


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