CLUTCH – Robot Hive / Exodus

CLUTCH - Robot Hive / Exodus


Release date: June 21, 2005

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There is absolutely nothing original about Clutch or their latest album Robot Hive / Exodus. It is a straight shot of Rock ‘N’ Roll served with a Southern Bluesy chaser. But yet, when you try to tell someone about them, and who they remind you of, you may find yourself at a loss for that perfect description of what they sound like.

Once you can get past the need to categorize them, Clutch will rock your world, and rock it hard. Guitarist Tim Sult starts the album with a deep fried Southern riff that makes “The Incomparable Mr. Flannery” destined to be a fan favorite. Vocalist Neil Fallon’s lyrics on the song make one wonder if he is embracing the circa 1979 mullet-wearing wannabe, or mocking him. Fallon’s vocal style seems to range between the whisky thick tones of COC’s Pepper to an almost soulful bluesman’s take on Hip Hop. Besides his unique vocal styling, Fallon makes things even more interesting with his lyrical content, broaching a thought-provoking “Mice & Gods;” and then he seems to mesh melody over cohesive thought in “10001110101.”

Bassist Dan Maines and drummer Jean Paul Gaster are still setting the framework of thick grooves and a solid tempo. The addition of keyboardist Mick Shauer as a permanent member has really made its stamp on the Clutch sound, with Shauer adding an exciting dimension and completing that classic rock sound. “Small Upsetters” is a brilliant example of how well the band has embraced their new sound, starting with a solid drum line, then a cool bass and keyboard vamp that will have you shaking and bopping from start to finish.

Nope, nothing new here on Robot Hive / Exodus, just some Rock ‘N’ Roll played with integrity and style. Plenty of thick fuzz tones with simple riffs set to a four/four beat. After fourteen years, maybe Clutch have finally found their niche … they at least should find a home in your collection.

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